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T Section Steel Beam Weight Chart: Find the Perfect Beam for Your Project


The following table lists the theoretical weight of T-section steel beam in kg/m.

If your steel size is not in the table below, you can use our steel weight calculator to calculate online.

TypeModelHeightWidthWeb thicknessFlange thicknessRadiusTheoretical
TW Wide flange50×100501006888.47
TW Wide flange62.5×12562.51256.59811.8
TW Wide flange75×15075150710815.6
TW Wide flange87.5×17587.51757.5111320.2
TW Wide flange100×2001002008121324.9
TW Wide flange100×20010020412121328.1
TW Wide flange125×2501252509141335.9
TW Wide flange125×25012525514141340.8
TW Wide flange150×30014730212121341.7
TW Wide flange150×30015030010151346.5
TW Wide flange150×30015030515151352.4
TW Wide flange175×35017234810161356.5
TW Wide flange175×35017535012191367.5
TW Wide flange200×40019440215152270
TW Wide flange200×40019739811182273.3
TW Wide flange200×40020040013212285.8
TW Wide flange200×40020040821212298.4
TW Wide flange200×400207405182822115.9
TW Wide flange200×400214407203522141.6
TM Middle flange75×1007410069810.3
TM Middle flange100×1509715069815
TM Middle flange125×1751221757111321.8
TM Middle flange150×2001472008121327.9
TM Middle flange175×2501702509141349.8
TM Middle flange200×30019530010161352.3
TM Middle flange225×30022030011181360.4
TM Middle flange150×30024130011151355.4
TM Middle flange150×30024430011181362.5
TM Middle flange275×30027230011151358.1
TM Middle flange275×30027530011181365.2
TM Middle flange300×30029130012171366.4
TM Middle flange300×30029430012201373.5
TM Middle flange300×30029730214231385.2
TN Narrow flange50×5050505784.7
TN Narrow flange62.5×6062.5606886.6
TN Narrow flange75×7575755787
TN Narrow flange87.5×9087.5905889
TN Narrow flange100×10099994.5788.9
TN Narrow flange100×1001001005.58810.5
TN Narrow flange125×12512412458812.6
TN Narrow flange125×12512512569814.5
TN Narrow flange150×1501491495.581316
TN Narrow flange150×1501501506.591318.4
TN Narrow flange175×175173174691320.6
TN Narrow flange175×1751751757111324.7
TN Narrow flange200×2001981997111328
TN Narrow flange200×2002002008131332.7
TN Narrow flange225×2002231998121332.6
TN Narrow flange225×2002252009141337.5
TN Narrow flange250×2002481999141339
TN Narrow flange250×20015020010161344.1
TN Narrow flange250×20025320111191350.8
TN Narrow flange275×2002731999141340.7
TN Narrow flange275×20027520010161346
TN Narrow flange300×20029819910151346.2
TN Narrow flange300×20030020011171351.7
TN Narrow flange300×20030320112201358.8
TN Narrow flange325×30032329910151359.9
TN Narrow flange325×30032530011171367.2
TN Narrow flange325×30032830112201376.8
TN Narrow flange350×30034630013201880.9
TN Narrow flange350×30035030013241890.4
TN Narrow flange400×30039630014221894
TN Narrow flange400×300400300142618103.4
TN Narrow flange450×300445299152318104.8
TN Narrow flange450×300450300162818120
TN Narrow flange450×300456302183418141.3

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