The 10 Best Drilling Machine Manufacturers in China


Shenyang Machine Tool launched in 1993 and with a rich history dating back to 1933, is a standout in the Chinese machine tool market. Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the code 000410, it was born from the amalgamation of four industry trailblazers, notably including the Shenyang First Machine Tool Factory.

The firm is acclaimed for its broad array of superior machine tools, especially its lathes and machining centers, known for their exceptional precision and robustness. Emphasizing innovation, Shenyang Machine Tool has made significant strides since 2010 by integrating advanced materials like the LZA4205 microcrystalline alloy in their CNC turrets, markedly enhancing product quality and efficiency.

In addition to its manufacturing prowess, Shenyang Machine Tool offers a wide range of services in the SMTCL lathe machine spare parts domain. This includes comprehensive sales, maintenance, consulting, and educational services, all designed to streamline the customer experience in choosing and using machine tool parts.

The company also plays an integral role in the Shenyang CNC Machine Tool Industrial Park, a cutting-edge production complex that houses nine major enterprises. This involvement highlights Shenyang Machine Tool’s commitment to leading the global machine tool industry, propelled by ongoing innovation and a dedication to quality.


Dalian Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China General Technology Group, has been a cornerstone in the Chinese machine tool industry since its inception in 1935 as Dalian Machine Tool Factory. With a history of strategic mergers and acquisitions, including the integration of the Dalian Combination Machine Tool Research Institute in 2000 and the purchase of established foreign machine tool companies such as the American Ingersoll Production Systems, Crankshaft Company, and German Zimmerman, the company has expanded its global footprint. It established eight joint ventures with partners from the US, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and South Korea.

Under the national policy to rejuvenate the Northeast’s old industrial base, the company has built two modern production bases in Dalian Port and Wafangdian for CNC machine tools and functional components, making it a leading research and manufacturing hub in China. The product range includes CNC flexible combination machine tools and automatic lines, intelligent manufacturing units, five-axis machining centers, and high-speed precision turning centers, among others, maintaining a leading position in domestic markets and reaching international standards for select products.

Dalian Machine Tool Group has provided over 500,000 machine tools to various industries such as automotive and rail transit, contributing significantly to China’s manufacturing sector. Its sales network extends to over 100 countries, and it is renowned for its efficient after-sales service, promising a 24-hour response and 48-hour resolution to quality issues.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is central to its service philosophy, driving its mission to develop the market and maintain a robust sales and after-sales service system. Dalian Machine Tool Group continues to strengthen its brand and partnerships, aiming to create a better future through cooperation and integrated modern marketing services.


Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000837), established in 1965, is a prominent leader in China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry. As a pioneer in the research, development, and manufacturing of precision CNC machine tools and complex instruments, Qinchuan has established a reputation for excellence in system integration and supply of critical components. Its diverse portfolio includes high-grade CNC lathes, machining centers, cylindrical grinders, gear processing machines, thread grinders, and precision measuring instruments, as well as industrial robot reducers, specialized gearboxes, and various precision parts such as gears, instruments, and castings.

Qinchuan is not only recognized as a backbone in China’s machine tool industry but also as a national high-tech and innovative pilot enterprise. It boasts numerous national-level specialized and new “Little Giant” companies and has garnered prestigious accolades, including first and second National Science and Technology Progress Awards, among others. With its “Qinchuan” trademark honored as a famous Chinese brand, it underscores the company’s commitment to “Equipping China, Reaching the World.”

The company focuses on creating exceptional Chinese-made machine tools, driven by a development strategy that emphasizes leading with mainframe products, high-end manufacturing, and robust support from core components. Qinchuan aims to break through in intelligent manufacturing and core CNC technologies. By taking on major national R&D projects, the company strives to become a globally advanced system integrator and key component supplier in the high-end equipment manufacturing sector. Qinchuan continually innovates at the source of critical core technologies for industrial machinery, aspiring to shape the future of the industry.


Founded in 1937, Jinan Second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. has emerged as a leading manufacturer of stamping equipment and a major base for the production of forging equipment and large-scale heavy metal cutting machine tools. Occupying a sprawling 1.23 million square meters and employing over 5,000 workers, this state-owned enterprise has become an integral part of China’s machine tool industry, recognized as one of the “Eighteen Arhats” of the sector.

The company has a storied history of innovation, producing China’s first gantry planer and mechanical press in 1953 and 1955, respectively. It has developed over 600 first-of-their-kind national products, providing vital equipment support to diverse industries during various stages of the country’s economic development.

Jinan Second Machine Tool Group’s extensive product range includes forging equipment, CNC metal cutting machine tools, automation equipment, foundry machinery, CNC cutting equipment, and more. These products serve critical sectors such as automotive, aerospace, rail transport, energy, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mold, construction machinery, and others. The company’s reach is global, exporting to 67 countries and regions.

The enterprise has been recognized by the State Council for its significant contributions to the field of major technical equipment and is hailed as one of the top three CNC stamping equipment manufacturers in the world. It commands over 70% of China’s domestic market share for large and heavy machinery presses, supplying hundreds of large stamping production lines and thousands of heavy presses to the automotive industry and beyond. Since 1997, it has provided numerous pressing lines to world-renowned automobile companies and, since 2001, has been exporting heavy presses with fully independent intellectual property rights to the high-end market in the United States, among 50 other countries and regions.

5. Qizhong

Founded in 1950, Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Qiqihar No.1 Machine Tool Plant) stands as a pivotal large-scale enterprise within China’s machine tool industry, specializing in the production of high-end heavy-duty CNC machine tools. Recognized as an industry leader, the company has been honored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a specialized and innovative “Little Giant” enterprise.

Qiqihar Heavy CNC is nationally acclaimed for its strong brand influence in the equipment manufacturing sector, offering a diverse range of machine tools including vertical and horizontal lathes, heavy-duty deep hole drilling and boring machines, roll lathes, and vertical grinding machines. With over 600 varieties across 26 series in 10 major categories, its products not only cater to domestic needs, filling several gaps in the local market, but are also exported to over 30 countries and regions including Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea.

The company prides itself on its status as a national first-class metrology enterprise and a state-recognized high-tech enterprise. It houses a national-level enterprise technology center and a research and development team led by experts who have made special contributions to the government and leading scholars in the machine tool industry.

Committed to lean manufacturing and winning through quality, Qiqihar Heavy CNC aspires to exceed customer expectations and serve as a process advisor, providing integrated solutions for mutual benefit and success. The company is dedicated to innovation-driven development, steering towards intelligent and service-oriented transformation and upgrading, aiming to achieve new goals in high-quality growth.


Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd., founded in 1949, is a state-owned enterprise excelling in the intelligent and integrated manufacturing and service provision of CNC machine tools. With its headquarters in the Zhongguancun Science Park, Shunyi District, the company oversees multiple subsidiaries, including international branches like Waldrich Coburg in Germany and C.B. Ferrari in Italy.

The venerable firm, as old as the People’s Republic of China itself, upholds a spirit of excellence and craftsmanship, driving continuous development through technological innovation. It boasts a national-level enterprise technology center and a CNAS-accredited testing and calibration laboratory, receiving numerous national awards for high-end CNC machine tool and basic manufacturing equipment technology projects.

Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. offers a comprehensive portfolio of machinery, including heavy-duty gantry milling machines, vertical lathes, floor-type boring and milling machines, multifunctional mill-turn centers, and five-axis machining centers for blade and impeller processing, among others. These products cater to various industries such as automotive, shipbuilding, power generation, rail transport, mold making, and machinery. The company is also adept at integrating automated production lines and remanufacturing machine tools.

Committed to shareholder value, employee respect, and customer satisfaction, Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. positions itself as the backbone of the equipment manufacturing industry. The mission is to achieve precision, foster innovation, and strive to be a globally competitive machine tool manufacturer and service provider.

7. Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool

Founded in 1950 and now a subsidiary of China General Technology Group, Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Qiqihar Second Machine Tool Factory) is a renowned base for the production of heavy and super-heavy CNC machine tools and large-scale forging and pressing equipment in China. As a modern industrial enterprise, it specializes in producing heavy-duty and super-heavy CNC machine tools, including metal cutting and forming machine tools, specialized equipment, and technical services.

Throughout its over 70-year history, the company has developed groundbreaking products such as CNC milling machines, automatic cold heading machines, heavy-duty floor-type milling and boring machines, and large-scale composite material cylindrical component tape laying machines. It has become one of China’s backbone enterprises in the heavy machinery industry, supplying over 2,000 significant pieces of equipment to numerous key domestic enterprises, thus significantly contributing to the national basic industrial construction.

Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool’s products mainly serve crucial industries such as civil aviation, shipbuilding, automobiles, metallurgy, and rail transit. The company boasts a workforce of over 4,500 employees, of which more than 1,400 hold mid to senior professional technical titles and skills grades. The expansive factory area covers 450,000 square meters with a built-up area of 160,000 square meters.

Equipped with nearly 2,000 production machines, including 1,005 metal cutting machine tools and 225 large and precision key machines, the company integrates advanced international technology with its robust research and development capabilities. Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool has received numerous prestigious awards for its innovation and economic achievements and is the only brand in the machine tool industry recognized with top honors such as “China’s Well-Known Trademark,” “China’s Famous Brand Product,” and “National Exemption from Quality Inspection.”

8. Kunming Machine Tool

Founded in 1936 as the Central Machinery Factory and now known as General Technology Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd., this enterprise has built a legacy as a leading backbone manufacturer of large precision machine tools in China. Strategically headquartered at No. 23 Ciba Road, Kunming, Yunnan Province, the company boasts a substantial workforce of 940 employees, total assets of 1.3 billion yuan, and operates on a sprawling campus of 264,000 square meters, with a built-up area of 140,000 square meters.

The company’s product line is extensive, featuring the KIKI Zhuhui series, the KITI series, KHC-AUTO series, and numerous others, including a diverse range of horizontal boring and milling machines, floor-type boring and milling machines, gantry boring and milling machines, jig boring machines, horizontal machining centers, and machine tool components. Each product showcases the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

General Technology Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has undergone significant transformations since its inception, evolving from manufacturing the first horizontal boring machine in China in 1945 to developing a world-class precision machine tool manufacturing level by 1965. The company’s rebranding efforts in 2022 signify its alignment with contemporary market demands, and its historical milestones, including the production of the first Chinese-built precision machining center in 1985 and the establishment of the Kunming Precision Machine Tool Research Institute in 1972, highlight its dedication to research and development.

With a rich history in China’s industrial growth, General Technology Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. continues to lead in the manufacturing and sales of sophisticated machine tools, driving innovation and setting industry benchmarks for nearly a century.


Founded in 1965, Baoji Machine Tool Group is a distinguished developer and manufacturer of CNC machine tools, serving as a significant base for CNC machine tool R&D and production, and a hub for intelligent manufacturing in China. With a commitment to crafting top-quality Chinese machine tools through artisanal ingenuity, Baoji has established a management philosophy that emphasizes intelligent guidance, dual-drive innovation, masterful manufacturing, and global service.

Overseeing 12 subsidiaries with a total asset value of 2 billion yuan, the company employs a workforce of 3,500 and boasts an annual output of 20,000 machine tools. With a revenue of 3 billion yuan and exports generating 30 million USD, Baoji consistently ranks at the forefront of China’s machine tool industry.

Baoji champions innovation-led growth, fostering an integrated R&D and manufacturing system that combines talent, technology, and branding. The company offers a diverse portfolio of over 200 product types and 400 specifications across 14 major categories, including intelligent machine tools, flexible processing units, intelligent manufacturing units, and automated production lines. These products cater to various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, engineering machinery, agriculture, and vocational education, playing key roles in national projects and the “Brain Replacement Project.”

Committed to the national goal of self-reliance in critical automotive components, Baoji collaborates with partners to develop intelligent machine tools and production lines for car parts, enhancing China’s manufacturing capabilities. The company leverages advanced manufacturing techniques, big data, and cloud platforms to accelerate the transition to intelligent manufacturing, aiming to establish a digital factory by 2024.

Valuing its people as the cornerstone of success, Baoji implements a talent empowerment strategy that nurtures high-skilled workers and innovators. The company has established a multi-tiered growth path for technical experts and craftsmen, fostering a culture of innovation and skill.

Baoji Machine Tool Group is recognized as a leading innovator and top-tier supplier in high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent manufacturing systems. The company’s accolades include national awards for labor achievements, export quality, innovation, product quality, and quality integrity. As Baoji advances towards high-quality development during the “14th Five-Year Plan,” it is poised to become a first-class provider of high-end equipment, embodying the transformation of China’s industrial capabilities.

10. WZ

As a key subsidiary of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO Group), Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as the “Company”) stands out as a leading backbone enterprise in China, specializing in the production of a complete range of heavy and ultra-heavy machine tools. Since its inception during China’s “First Five-Year Plan” as one of the 156 key projects, the Company has evolved into a powerhouse with over 3,000 employees and more than 600 engineering and technical staff, including national and regional experts and leading scientists.

The Company’s product line encompasses over 400 varieties across more than 50 series, including heavy and ultra-heavy vertical lathes, horizontal lathes, floor-type milling and boring machines, gantry milling and boring machines, gear hobbing machines, rotary tables, shield machines, gear drilling machines, railway equipment, and various specialized machinery. With a commitment to technological advancement, all products feature CNC and composite functionalities.

Following a comprehensive relocation and transformation, the Company has established itself as a premier R&D base for CNC heavy and ultra-heavy machine tools in China, boasting an international collaboration base in the central region. It hosts numerous national and industry-level innovation platforms, including a national enterprise technology center and a post-doctoral research station.

The Company has successfully undertaken numerous national and provincial research projects, contributing significantly to China’s equipment manufacturing industry with its high-end CNC machine tools. Its achievements are recognized by multiple awards and patents, and it actively contributes to the setting and revision of heavy machine tool standards.

Embracing President Xi Jinping’s vision for socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Company is dedicated to strengthening its core machine tool business while expanding into related industries and services. By focusing on high-end, intelligent, and essential equipment, the Company strives to achieve sustainable, high-quality growth and aspires to become a world-class provider of high-end equipment manufacturing and key component supplies.

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