Pittsburgh Lockformer Machine Buy’er Guide

Pittsburgh lockformer machine, also known as lockformer machine, rollformer machine etc, it is a multifunctional machine.

Pittsburgh Lock Former

Mainly used for lock processing of sheet connection and closed connection of circular duct.

For experienced customers, it is very clear what kind of lockformer to buy.

However, for customers who are just starting out and want to get involved in the duct manufacturing industry, the purchase of a variety of lock forming machines has become a problem.

So today, we are here to explain in detail how to buy lockformer machine.

1. First from the voltage aspect:

The commonly used lockformer machine are 220V and 380V, which are household and industrial electricity. In terms of power, 380V is obviously more powerful than 220V.

If the thickness of the processed galvanized plate is less than 1.0mm, and you have not applied for industrial electricity, you can purchase 220V voltage.

If the thickness of the plate is less than 1.2 mm, a voltage of 380V needs to be purchased.

2. From the perspective of weight:

The conventional lockformer machines are all within 200KG to 280KG (except heavy type).

Of course, our lockformer machine are equipped with casters for easy handling.

The three commonly used lockformer machines have both light and conventional type.

All three models are light weight and weigh respectively 190KG, 210KG, and 240KG. 

Light lockformer machine are generally suitable for export.

Because foreign customers have stricter appearance requirements, so that light lockformer machine are slightly more expensive than conventional lockformer machine.

The workmanship of the light lockformer machine is slightly more complicated than the conventional one (the four corners have creases, and the conventional type is a flat case).

The weights of these three conventional lockformer machine are 220KG, 240KG, and 270KG. 

It can be seen that the difference between the light type and the conventional type is not in the shape of the lock, but in appearance, weight and volume.

3. From the thickness of the locking sheet:

Generally speaking, our equipment is based on galvanized sheet.

If you need to process galvanized sheet within 1.2 mm, you can choose light and conventional type.

If the thickness of the plate is a large number of 1.2-1.5mm galvanized sheet, or stainless steel within 1.0mm, a heavy-duty lockformer machine should be used.

The heavy-duty lock forming machine has 7 rows of wheels, and the wheels are oversized. 

Compared with conventional and light 6-row wheels one, heavy-duty lockformer machine have better wear resistance.

  1. From the shape of the locking:

This is our common purchasing method. 

If you need to make C-type clip, you can only choose the six-functions lockformer (FEY-12A or FEY-12A2).

If you don’t need to make clip, but need square elbow, choose four-functions (FEB-16A4 / FEB-16A1 or FEB-16A5).

If there is no need for clips or elbows, and only the simplest joint angle and other functions are required, then the three-functions lockformer machine (FEB-16A / FEB-2A or FEB-16A2) is sufficient.

  1. We also have another two kinds of lockformer snaplock machine:

Single flat lockformer machine and button lockformer machine.

The single flat mouth lockformer machine is used to splicing plates, and the remaining materials are spliced by 180 degrees to achieve the purpose of saving materials.

The single flat mouth lockformer machine is also suitable for the joint seam in the middle of the round duct.

This function is the same as the stitching seam function of the joint angle lockformer machine.

The difference is that the edge of the single flat mouth lockformer machine is slightly wider than that of the stitching seam lockformer machine.

Button lockformer snaplock machine are usually used for small air ducts. 

Due to the complicated forming of the button lockformer machine, it can only process galvanized sheet within 1.0 mm. The button lockformer snaplockmachine is shown below:

Button lockformer snaplock machine

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