Steel Coil Calculator (Weight & Length Calculation)

What is steel coil?

Steel coil refers to continuous rolled steel.

The steel coil is rolled by hot pressing and cold pressing.

This is mainly to facilitate storage and transportation, as well as various processing (such as processing into steel plate, steel strip, etc.).

The formed coil is mainly hot-rolled coil and cold-rolled coil.

Hot rolled coil is a processed product before billet recrystallization.

The cold-rolled coil is the subsequent processing of hot-rolled coil.

The general weight of the steel coil is about 15-30t.

Coil sales are mainly aimed at large customers.

Generally, users have no uncoiling equipment or limited consumption.

Therefore, the subsequent processing of steel coil will be a promising industry.

Steel Coil Weight Calculator

So how to calculate the weight of steel coil? If you happen to have steel coil in your workshop, how do you know its coil length?

To facilitate you in solving the above two problems, we have made coil weight calculator and coil length calculator.

Of course, these two calculators can also be used for other metals, such as copper and aluminum coils, as long as their density is known.

For the density table of various metals, you can refer to this table.

Calculate coil weight by width, outer and inner diameter

Steel Coil Length Calculator

Calculate coil length based on the inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness

Calculate coil length based on weight, width and thickness

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