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What is wire rod?

Wire rod typically refers to small diameter round steel that is coiled. The diameter of the wire rod falls within the range of 5-19 mm (typically 6-9 mm), with its lower limit being the minimum size of the hot-rolled steel section.

Types of wire rod

There are numerous varieties of wire rod. Low carbon steel wire rod is commonly referred to as soft wire rod, while medium and high carbon steel wire rod is known as hard wire rod. The wire rod is primarily used as the raw material for wire drawing, but can also be utilized directly as building materials and processed into mechanical parts.

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Stainless steel wire rod is used for the production of stainless steel wire, spring wire, upset wire, and wire rope. With advances in production technology, special shaped wire rods such as square, hexagonal, and fan-shaped have emerged, the upper limit of diameter has been increased to 38 mm, and the coil weight has risen from 40-60 kg to 3000 kg.

The development of new post-rolling heat treatment technology has significantly reduced the oxide scale on the surface of the wire rod, improving its microstructure and properties.

Wire Rod Weight Calculator

According to national standards, hot-rolled plain round steel bars, also known as wire rods with round cross-sections and smooth surfaces, include HPB235 and HPB 300. National standards allow for wire rods to be delivered based on either actual weight or theoretical weight, but it is generally delivered based on actual weight in the market.

Wire rods are divided into high-speed wire rods and ordinary wire rods, but the calculation formula is the same. The wire rod weight calculator can be used to determine the weight of wire rods.

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Wire Rod Weight Chart

DiameterWeight (kg/m)DiameterWeight (kg/m)
* 110.746202.47
* 233.26* 6526
243.55* 6828.5
* 274.498039.5
* 295.189049.9
* 315.9210061.7
* 336.7111074.6
* 357.5512088.8
* 5518.6200247
* 5820.7250385

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