What’s the Difference Between Rectangular Spring and Ordinary Spring?

In recent years, the industrial automation industry has developed rapidly.

As a very representative product in the spring series, the research and development speed of rectangular spring is faster and faster, and its application field is more and more extensive.

The most prominent feature of rectangular spring is its large stiffness, long service life and small volume.

What is the difference between rectangular spring and ordinary spring?

This question needs to be answered from multiple angles.

Rectangular Spring

Rectangular springs are generally made of chromium alloy steel, which is characterized by high rigidity, high temperature resistance and strong working stability.

The chromium alloy steel rectangular spring not only retains its existing advantages, but also increases the advantages of strong elasticity, high precision and beautiful appearance.

The bearing capacity of rectangular springs of different specifications is specifically distinguished by spraying different colors on their surfaces.

Ordinary spring

Ordinary springs are generally made of round wire materials with circular cross-section, while rectangular springs belong to square wire materials with square cross-section.

The spring force made of square wire rod will be greater than that of ordinary spring, and the performance of anti deformation and anti fracture is also better.

Therefore, rectangular spring is widely used in stamping die, die-casting die, plastic die and other elastic motion precision mechanical equipment.

It is precisely because of its great role in the field of mold making that rectangular spring is also called mold spring.

Most of the application scenarios of rectangular springs are occasions with high load but limited installation space.

The small rectangular spring support is designed to be used in the hole or on the shaft, which also meets the requirements of high-speed compression and overweight load.

The overall volume of the spring is small, and the rectangular spring is only a small category of spring products, but we can not ignore the great role of the rectangular spring in various fields.

It is precisely because the rectangular spring plays the role of starting and resetting that the whole mechanical equipment can run smoothly.

If the auxiliary function of rectangular spring is lost, the durability and applicability of the equipment itself will be greatly reduced.

It can be said that the quality level of rectangular spring products can reflect the manufacturing capacity of the whole manufacturing industry from the side.

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