H & I Beam Weight Calculator: It’s Free

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If you want to check the size and weight chart for H beam as well as I beam steel, you can click the link below:

H Beam Weight Calculator


To convert h-beam sizes from millimeters to inches, use our millimeters to inches calculator.

I Beam Weight Calculator


If you need to find I-beam sizes in inches, you can use our millimeters to inches calculator for accurate conversion results.

If you’re looking for a quicker and more convenient solution to determining the weight of H-beams and I-beams, you can use the H-beam weight chart and I-beam weight chart provided.

These charts allow you to easily check the weight of various-sized H-beams and I-beams, eliminating the need for repetitive calculations using a calculator.

What Is I Beam?

An I-beam, also referred to as a Universal Beam or steel beam, is a type of structural steel with a distinctive ‘I’ shaped cross-section.

I-beams are further categorized into two groups: regular I-beams and lightweight I-beams.

What Is H Beam?

The H-beam is an improved version of the I-beam and got its name from its H-shaped cross-section. It is a cost-effective and efficient type of structural steel, with a higher strength-to-weight ratio and optimized cross-sectional area distribution.

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The components of the H-beam are arranged at right angles, giving it superior resistance to bending, making it more cost-effective, easier to construct, and lighter in weight in all directions.

H-beams are commonly used in high-rise buildings, workshops, and other structures that require high load capacity and stable cross-sections.

Additionally, they are widely used in ships, bridges, lifting and transportation equipment, brackets, equipment foundations, and foundation piles.

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H Beams and I Beams

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between H Beams and I Beams

A. Structural requirements and design considerations: The choice between H Beams and I Beams depends on the specific requirements of the project, such as load-bearing capacity, span, and structural stability.

B. Material selection and availability: The availability of suitable materials and their costs can also influence the choice between H Beams and I Beams.

C. Budget constraints: Cost considerations should be taken into account when choosing between H Beams and I Beams, as H Beams are generally more expensive due to their larger dimensions and increased weight.

D. Environmental factors and corrosion resistance: The environmental conditions of the project site, such as exposure to corrosive substances or extreme temperatures, can impact the choice of beam type.

How Do I Determine the Load-Bearing Capacity of an I-Beam?

For example:

How much can I-beam #25 bear when the span is 4m and the load is evenly distributed?


For #25 I-beam, W = 401.4cm3, [σ]=210N/mm2, overall stability coefficient φb=0.93

Bending moment formula M = QL2/8
Strength formula σ = M/W

According to the formula:

Overall stability requirement: 42.1 * 0.93 = 39.2kn/m

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Partial factor requirement (safety factor): 39.2 / 1.4 = 28kN/m

Safe use: 28kN/m

The calculation mentioned does not consider the weight of the I-beam or any checks for deflection.

H Beam Load Capacity Calculation

I believe you still want to know the weight capacity of a steel beam and how to calculate it?

See also:

Alternatively, you may be interested in determining the proper size of an H-beam for your construction project.

To assist you, we have supplied you with a robust beam load capacity calculator and a load capacity chart, as shown in the screenshot below.

beam load capacity calculator
H Beam Load Capacity

And it’s in an Excel format, which can automatically perform the calculation once you have entered the necessary information.

You can download the tool by clicking the link below. Don’t forget to enable the macro function in Excel to ensure proper functioning.

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