Operating Procedures of Press Brake: 23 Key Points

1. When entering the site, wear work clothes and tighten the cuffs. It is strictly prohibited to play and keep the site clean and tidy.

2. The operation can only be carried out after mastering the correct use method of relevant equipment and tools.

3. Before starting, carefully check whether the motor, switch, line and grounding are normal and firm, and check whether the operating parts and buttons of the equipment are stuck in the correct position.

4. The parts of the press brake machine to be lubricated shall be lubricated regularly,.

5. Before bending, the equipment can be operated after idling and checking that there is no abnormality.

6. It is forbidden to start up when installing the bending die.

7. Correctly select the bending die and determine the die size of the lower die according to the plate thickness.

Generally, the die size is 8 ~ 10 times of the plate thickness, and the thin plate within 2mm can be 6 ~ 8 times; 

8. The fastening position of the upper and lower molds shall be correct, and trauma shall be prevented during the installation and operation of the upper and lower molds.

9. During bending, it is not allowed to stack sundries and measuring tools between the upper and lower molds.

10. In case of multi person operation, the main operator shall be confirmed, and the main operator shall control the use of foot switch, which shall not be used by other personnel.

Operating Procedures of Press Brake

11. The sheet material must be compacted during bending to prevent the sheet material from warping and hurting people during bending.

12. When the machine tool is working, no one is allowed to stand at the back of the machine tool.

13. If the workpiece or die is found to be incorrect during operation, it shall be stopped for correction.

It is strictly prohibited to correct by hand during operation to prevent hand injury.

14. It is forbidden to fold over thick iron plate or quenched steel plate, high-grade alloy steel, square steel and sheet metal exceeding the performance of sheet metal bending machine, so as not to damage the machine tool.

15. Frequently check the coincidence degree of upper and lower molds;

Whether the indication of the pressure gauge meets the requirements.

16. Correctly select the bending pressure, and the pressure should be less than 1 / 2 of the maximum pressure under eccentric load.

17. When the length of the folded plate is less than 1000mm, the machine is not allowed to work at full load.

18. No part of the human body is allowed to enter between the upper and lower molds during work and shutdown, so as to avoid accidental personal injury.

19. When replacing the lower die, the ram must stop at the lower dead center, otherwise personal injury may occur.

20. If the bending machine is abnormal, cut off the power supply immediately, stop the operation, and notify relevant personnel to eliminate the fault in time.

22. The ram must be stopped at the bottom dead center before shutdown.

23. After completion, cut off the power supply and clean the work site.

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