Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated)

A lot of people want to know the world’s best CNC press brake manufacturers, or top 10 press brake manufacturers, however, very few of them will choose these best press brake in the world.

There is only one reason: expensive.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 1

The high price does not mean the machine is good, just because the labor cost is high, the steel price is high, the component price is high, which finally makes the press brake price high.

If you don’t have enough budget, or if you want to find the most cost-effective press brake for sale, I personally suggest you put your eyes on China’s press brake manufacturer who can not only provide good quality but also good price.

The reason is simple:

China is rank top 1st for steel manufacturing, 1st for machine tools consumption, 1st for machine tools manufacturing

One more thing you need to know is that many big brands of press brakes are manufactured in China.

A few of them have factories in China, but most of them are doing OEM with China’s press brake manufacturers.

So no matter you buy from Germany, Italy or China, you’re getting the same quality, but you need to pay double.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 2

Anyway, in order to help those who still want to find the best press brake brands to buy from, we make a list of TOP 10 Press Brake Manufacturers who make premier press brake for your reference.

Before deciding which one should be chosen,  you can watch the video below which shows you various bending method. You will learn a lot and get benefits from it.

Let’s dive into it.

Please note it’s listed alphabetically rather than by rank, as well as some background information about what makes them better than most.


Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 3

Amada, which is founded in 1946, is a large multinational company specializing in the production of sheet metal processing machinery.

From the aspects of market size, product structure, product technical performance and comprehensive management system, it has gradually formed a group listed company integrating product development, design, manufacturing, education and training as well as after-sales service and marketing network.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 4

2. AccurPress


Founded in 1973 in Canada, AccurPress is a leading supplier of high quality CNC machine tools in North America, specializing in high quality CNC bending and shearing machines, with six factories and one R&D center in Canada, USA and China.

AccurPress established a wholly owned subsidiary in China in 2003 as a R&D, production and service center for the Asia Pacific region, and has now supplied more than 6,000 high quality machine tools to the Asia Pacific region.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 5

3. Bystronic


Founded in 1964 in Switzerland, Bystronic specializes in the automated control of the entire material and data flow in the cutting and bending process chain.

The business scope includes laser cutting systems, press brakes and their corresponding automation and software solutions.

Bystronic is a solution provider for sheet metal processing.

It has sales and technical service subsidiaries in more than 30 locations worldwide.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 6


Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 7

From our modern 500,000-square-foot plant and technical center on an 80 acre campus near Cincinnati, Ohio.

They engineer and build their Laser Cutting Systems, Automation, Press Brakes, Shears, Powder Metal Presses, and Additive Manufacturing, to the standard of ruggedness required in the North American market.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 8

5. Durmazlar

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 9

As the leader of its sector in Turkey, Durma is a global manufacturer operating in the field of metal sheet processing machinery with an expert staff team of 1,500 people, a wide production line equipped with the latest technology and facilities with the closed space of 150 thousand square meters.

Today, Durma exports to 120 countries together with 80 distributors as the business partners

And approximately 80% of the machinery manufactured arrive to the buyers in developed industrial countries like the USA, EU members, and Australia.

The remaining 20% consists of companies in developing countries or companies thereof that establish partnerships with foreign investors.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 10

6. LVD


A market leader in CNC bending / forming technology, LVD offers one of the most extensive press brake lines – from economical manual and CNC press brakes, multi-axis machines featuring LVD’s unique adaptive forming system and touchscreen control, to turnkey custom designs.

All are engineered to simplify programming, eliminate trial bending, and provide accurate, repeatable results.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 11

7. Prima Power


Prima Power is the Machinery Division of Prima Industrie Group, listed on Milan’s Stock Exchange.

In 2017 the Group celebrated 40 years of activity in sheet metal working machinery field.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 12

8. salvagnini

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 13

Flexible automation and process efficiency are the cornerstones upon which Salvagnini has developed its range of products: intelligent, autonomous and independent solutions that are easy to program and use, are automated and interconnected, talk and communicate intrinsically and bidirectionally with each other and with the surrounding environment, creating a more linear and advantageous process for the efficient and effective production of a wide variety of pieces in sequence.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 14



TruBend machines incorporate a wealth of experience in press brake technology coupled with pioneering innovations.

Enabling you to fabricate parts in any format, from the simplest to the most complex, precisely and cost-effective.

TruBend machines are above all renowned for their flexibility, finished part quality, and a high cost-benefit ratio.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 15



Ursviken supply the Power and Productivity to heavy plate metal working as well as efficiency, accuracy, flexibility and high quality in lighter materials.

All machines are designed to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 16

Other 40 press brake manufacturers

In addition to the top 10 rankings above, the 40 press brake companies listed below are also very good press brake suppliers.

The quality and service of their press brake are also very trustworthy.

Therefore, the following press brake brands can also be your choice.

ACL, ADH, AM Machinery, Atlantic, Adira, Baykal, BL, Boschert, Boutillon, Coastone, Colgar, Dener, Deratech, Ermaksan, Farina, Gade, Gasparini, Gizelis, Haco, Hindustan, Iturrospe, Jfy, JMT, LFK, Metfab, MVD, Oriance, Promecam, Rico, Schiavi, SMD, Sorg, Somo, Vicla, Vimercati, Warcom, Yangli, Yawei, Ysd, Safan Darley

Global Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers (2022 Updated) 17

Final thoughts

The above 10 companies are all manufacturers and the quality of their products is very reliable. However, the price is also on the high side.

If your company has a sufficient budget, these companies above can be considered.

If your budget is not that much, you can choose some more cost-effective press brake machine suppliers.

In addition, there are some factors to consider when choosing a press brake machine, and I hope this article will give you an idea of how to choose a press brake.

Meanwhile, the press brake dies guide can help you to choose the right punches and dies to meet your sheet metal fabrication needs.

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