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E21 vs E200P Press Brake Controllers: Which is Better?

Looking for the perfect press brake controller can be a daunting task, but fear not! Our experts have done the research for you and have compared two popular options on the market: the E21 and E200P from Estun.

In this article, we’ll dive into the differences between the two controllers, including display screen, axis positioning, control, transmission, positioning speed, wiring assembly, stroke return distance adjustment, and more.

So, whether you’re a seasoned metalworker or just starting out, read on to learn which press brake controller is the right fit for your needs.

Press Brake Controller E21 vs E200P

The E21 and E200P press brake controllers are both products of Estun, a company based in China. The following are the differences between these two controllers:

Comparison Parameter E21 E200P
Display Screen Monocolor Multicolour
X, Y Axis Positioning Manual Auto
X, Y Axis Control 1. Ordinary Motor, poor positioning accuracy; 1. Servo motor, the high positioning accuracy of 0.05mm;
2. Positioning accuracy: 0.1mm at most; 2. Repositioning accuracy: 0.02mm
3. Repositioning accuracy: 0.1mm;  
X-axis Transmission Round chrome-coated rod Precise linear guide rail with more stable motion
X-axis Positioning Speed 1. Ordinary Motor; 1. Servo motor;
2. Max speed: 40mm/s; 2. Max speed: 200mm/s;
Y-axis Positioning Speed 1. Step Motor; 1. Servo motor
2. Max rotating speed: 500r/min 2. Max speed: 1500r/min
Wiring Assembly Function None 1. Built-in PLC to change the motion of valve in time;
2. Setting of pressure-adding, pressure-holding & off-load time;
3. Convenient for maintenance;
Stroke Return Distance Adjustment None 1. Adjustable return stroke height, no need back to the up dead point every time;
2. Improve the efficiency
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  1. Hi Shane
    Got a new 63/3200 Press with for bending Alu plate with E21 NJTY
    controller. How do one calculate downward movement in mm to get different

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