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What is rebar?

Rebar is another name for Hot Rolled Ribbed Bar. The grade of ordinary hot-rolled steel bars is indicated by the letters HRB and the minimum yield point of the grade. The letters H, R, and B stand for hot rolled, ribbed, and bars, respectively.

Hot rolled ribbed bars are divided into three grades: Grade II (HRB335, also known as old brand number 20MnSi), Grade III (HRB400, also known as old grade number 20MnSiV, 20MnSiNb, 20mnti), and Grade IV (HRB500).

How to calculate the weight of rebar?

The weight calculation formula of rebar is:

W = 0.00617 * d * d (d = section diameter mm) unit: kg/m

Rebar Weight Calculator

According to national standards, rebar can be delivered based on either the theoretical weight or actual weight. However, the market tends to use the theoretical weight as the basis for delivery, making it important to have a good understanding of how to accurately calculate the theoretical weight.

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Rebar Weight Calculator

There is a common misconception regarding the calculation of theoretical weight for rebar, which is that different grades and rolling methods have different calculation methods.

In reality, the weight calculation formulas for Grade II deformed steel bar (HRB335), Grade III deformed steel bar (HRB400), or Grade IV deformed steel bar (HRB500), whether hot rolled or cold rolled, and whether for ordinary use or seismic use, are consistent. A rebar weight calculator can be used to calculate the weight of rebar.

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Rebar Weight Chart

Dia.Weight (kg/m)

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