Press Brake

For sheet metal bending, the press brake is a necessary machine. We have NC type and CNC type press brakes. At the same time, we can customize the punches and dies according to your practical use in sheet metal fabrication.

Shearing Machine

For the straight cutting of steel plate, hydraulic shearing machine is a good choice. It not only has high cutting efficiency, but also requires less investment. We have both swing beam shears and guillotine shears for your selection.

Laser Cutting Machine

In the current metal plate and pipe cutting, laser cutting machine is undoubtedly the best choice. It can not only cut various shapes, but also has small cutting gap, high precision and high cutting efficiency. Today, it is very cost-effective.

Galvanized Sheet Weight Calculator

Galvanized sheet refers to the steel plate with a layer of zinc on the surface.

Galvanizing is an economic and effective anti-corrosion method often used. About half of the world’s zinc production is used in this process in order to prevent the surface of steel plate from corrosion and prolong its service life.

According to different production and processing methods, galvanized steel sheet can be divided into hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, alloyed galvanized steel sheet, electro galvanized steel sheet, single-sided galvanized steel sheet and double-sided differential galvanized steel sheet, alloy and composite galvanized steel sheet, as well as color galvanized steel sheet, printing coated galvanized steel sheet, PVC laminated galvanized steel sheet, etc

However, the most commonly used is still hot-dip galvanized plate.

There are three types of coating surface, namely ordinary zincification, small zinc flower and no zinc flower.

According to the current national standard continuous hot dip galvanized steel sheet and strip (GB / t2518-2008), the nominal thickness of galvanized sheet is 0.3mm ~ 5.0mm, the nominal width is 600mm ~ 2050mm and the nominal length is 1000mm ~ 8000mm.

The galvanized sheet is generally delivered according to the theoretical weight, and the galvanized steel strip is generally delivered according to the actual weight.

Since the galvanized sheet is galvanized on the basis of cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel plate, the theoretical weight of galvanized sheet also includes two parts: one is the theoretical weight of cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel plate (substrate) for processing galvanized sheet, and the other is the theoretical weight of galvanized layer.

You can use the galvanized sheet weight calculator below to calculate the weight of galvanized sheet.

Nominal coating weight range

Coating form Applicable coating surface structure Nominal coating weight range (g/m2)
Pure zinc coating (Z) Zinc iron alloy coating (ZF)
Equal thickness coating N,M,F,R 50~600 60~180
Differential coating N,M,F 25 ~ 150 (each side) — 

Note: N, M and F are pure zinc coatings. N indicates that the surface structure of the coating is ordinary zinc flower, M indicates small zinc flower, and F indicates no zinc flower; R is the common zinc flower of zinc iron alloy coating.

Nominal coating weight and corresponding coating code

Coating type Coating form Recommended nominal coating weight (g/m²) Coating code
Pure zinc coating (Z) Equal thickness coating 60 60
80 80
100 100
120 120
150 150
180 180
200 200
220 220
250 250
275 275
350 350
450 450
600 600
Zinc iron alloy coating (ZF) Equal thickness coating 60 60
90 90
120 120
140 140
Pure zinc coating (Z) Differential coating 30/40 30/40
40/60 40/60
40/100 40/100

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