Top 10 Air Compressor Manufacturers in 2023

1. Atlas Copco

Country: Sweden


About the company:

Atlas Copco is a global industrial group company, founded in 1873, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with about 41000 employees and customers in more than 180 countries/regions around the world.

Atlas Copco continues to innovate technology, guide the development of the industry, and its expertise has made contributions to all walks of life around the world.

Excellent products, solutions and services ensure the reliability of customers’ business operations, help customers improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and help them achieve their sustainable development goals.

Atlas Copco compressor technology provides oil injection air compressor, oil-free air compressor, oil-free blower, cold dryer, suction dryer, air filter, oxygen and ammonia production machine, medical compressed air system and high-quality spare parts and services to meet your various air and gas needs.

Atlas Copco Vacuum Technology Department provides vacuum and emission reduction solutions for many industries around the world.

We develop vacuum pumps and systems based on the concept of customer-centric, interconnection and digitalization.

Whether in the semiconductor division, scientific research division or industrial division, enthusiastic employees strive to bring various industrial ideas, support better research and development, integrate better technologies into the equipment used, improve energy efficiency, ensure customer safety, and make daily life full of unlimited possibilities.

In the vacuum technology department, Atlas Copco is an important force in global manufacturing, research and production facilities.

In the field of Atlas Copco industrial technology, industrial creativity is transformed into intelligent manufacturing assembly solutions and innovative industrial tools through cooperation with customers.

Enthusiastic staff, professional knowledge and meticulous service bring sustainable value to many industries around the world.

In Atlas Copco’s power business, industrial creativity is transformed into technology in the field of air, power and flow solutions.

It provides drainage pumps, hand-held tool high-pressure booster, lamp cars, mobile compressors and generators, covering a wide range of industries, such as construction, emergency rescue, large-scale activities, manufacturing, mining, power plants, oil and gas, petrochemical, water wells, utilities, etc.

In the 1920s, Atlas Copco’s products first entered the Chinese market by importing from Europe.

In 1959, Atlas Copco established its first company in Taiwan, China, China.

Up to now, the Group’s four major business areas: compressor technology, vacuum technology, industrial technology and power technology have entered China to provide customers with innovative products and solutions.

By the end of 2021, Atlas Copco had more than 20 companies in China with nearly 7000 employees.

As one of the Group’s important markets, Atlas Copco will further develop the Chinese market, constantly expand its market share in China through innovative industrial solutions, and continue to provide sustainable productivity for Chinese customers.

2. Ingersoll Rand

Country: USA


Products: Air compressors, pumps, blowers, fluid management, loading, power tools and material lifting systems

About the company:

Ingersoll Rand (NYSE code: R) comprehensively improves the quality of life by creating a comfortable, sustainable and efficient environment.

Employees and brands of Ingersoll Rand: Club Car ®, Ingersoll Rand®, Thermo King® and Trane® are working together to improve the air quality and comfort of civil residential and buildings, transport and protect the safety of food and perishables, and improve the productivity and efficiency of the industrial sector.

Ingersoll Rand’s annual sales volume in 2013 was 12 billion US dollars.

The company’s vision is to build a world of continuous progress and an everlasting foundation.

Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified industrial company. Ingersoll Rand was founded in 1871.

In recent years, the company has gradually transformed into a manufacturing enterprise with many brand products, serving customers in different fields around the world, and has changed the previous heavy machinery manufacturing business model with high requirements for capital investment.

At present, Ingersoll Rand has 11 strategic business units in the world, and has operating agencies in all major regions of the world.

Looking at the global macro situation, Ingersoll Rand is ready to face the challenges of increasingly dense population and more scarce resources.

Ingersoll Rand believes that companies with excellent performance will have an everlasting foundation.

The company takes sustainable development as the basic element to support its core strategy. The three core strategies include: relying on innovation, services and emerging markets to achieve business growth, vigorously promoting excellent operation, and building a corporate culture that is advancing with the times, diversified and inclusive.

3. Sullair

Country: USA


About the company:

Founded in the United States in 965, Sullair is the world’s largest professional manufacturer of screw air compressors, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of air compressors and other series of products. In 2017, Sullair joined Hitachi Group of Japan.

Headquartered in Michigan, Indiana, the United States, Sullair has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of screw air compressors for more than 50 years, and is one of the world’s well-known air compressor brands.

Sullair Asia’s main production base is located in Suzhou, China, and its sales and after-sales service network covers the whole country, Southeast Asia and other Asian regions.

The main products of Suzhou Shouli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. include fixed screw compressor, mobile screw compressor, screw vacuum pump, air dryer, precision filter, vacuum pump, etc., which are widely used in many industries such as electronics, thermal power, chemical industry, new energy steam textile, medicine, etc.

The company is committed to providing customers from all walks of life with stable and excellent gas solutions and effective and high-quality after-sales service through continuous innovative technology and practical design.

In July 2017, Suzhou Sullair Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. became a member of Hitachi Group.

4. CompAir

Country: USA


About the company:

From the United Kingdom, under Gardner Denver, CompAir is the world’s leading supplier of compressed air and compressed gas systems, dedicated to providing a variety of low-pressure and high-pressure compressors, custom blowers and vacuum pumps.

CompAir is a leading global supplier, providing compressed air solutions for a wide range of applications, including micro oil screw air compressor, oil-free screw air compressor, centrifuge, water lubricated air compressor, sliding vane air compressor, mobile air compressor, scroll air compressor and other types of equipment.

Through a network of subsidiaries and dealers across continents, CompAir can provide global expertise training with local service capabilities to ensure support for the provision of advanced technology.

Breakthrough technologies such as CompAirE’s Jltima are helping compressed air users achieve the goal of sustainable development, and efficient oil-free compressors can provide lower environmental impact.

For screw, reciprocating, centrifugal and mobile compressors with complete specifications, as well as compressed air treatment and accessories, CompAir has innovatively responded to the demand for compressed air in the industry.

All series of CompAir compressors have proved their reliability in harsh field conditions, saving a lot of costs through energy efficiency and low maintenance.

With a history of 200 years, Compair products continue to provide high-quality products to customers around the world.

The screw air compressor, oil-free air compressor, centrifuge and slide machine produced by Compair continue to provide stable and efficient compressed gas to more than 100000 customers around the world.

5. Kaishan

Country: China


Products: Screw air compressor, refrigerant compressor, screw expansion generator, process gas compressor, environmental engineering and cold chain industry

About the company:

Kaishan Group Co., Ltd. is a compressor enterprise with a history of more than 60 years.

The power range of screw air compressor products is 4kW~630kW, and the varieties cover motor power, diesel power, underground explosion-proof screw air compressor and two-stage compression screw air compressor.

Screw expansion technology is the world’s leading low-grade heat source power generation technology.

It includes direct expansion of residual pressure and ORC organic Rankine cycle expansion technology, which can effectively use low-grade residual heat and residual pressure in a ladder manner.

Its efficiency and reliability are leading, and it is being applied to geothermal power generation, waste heat power generation, bioenergy power generation, residual pressure power generation and other new energy and renewable energy fields on a large scale.

In 2009, Kaishan set up the “Kaishan North America R&D Center” in Seattle, the United States, and developed a large number of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights according to the model of “North America R&D Made in China”.

Kaishan regards “making contributions to saving the earth” as its core value, and will quickly become an internationally renowned compressor manufacturer.

Kaishan’s product distribution network covers the whole country, with more than 2000 marketing outlets and high-quality sales services.

The products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc.

6. Fusheng

Country: China


About the company:

Since Fusheng established the joint-stock company in 1953, it has experienced more than half a century of wind and rain, accumulated manufacturing experience, and has high-quality automation equipment.

Fusheng has complete product lines, takes market demand as its own responsibility, and has the quality of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The products cover fixed air compressor, mobile air compressor, refrigeration compressor, new energy vehicle air compressor, diesel generator, Roots blower and other fields.

Considerate and effective service has always been the focus of Fusheng’s service system.

At present, Fusheng has three production bases and three sales and service departments in Chinese Mainland, namely, Beijing, Shanghai and Zhongshan.

China’s sales headquarters are located in Shanghai, and more than 30 branches and offices are distributed in major cities across the country.

Fusheng’s special dealers and service providers are all over the country.

With strictly trained maintenance personnel with certificates and sufficient factory spare parts, they can provide you with quality services nearby and quickly to ensure your rights and interests.

No matter where you use Fusheng’s products, the nearby inspection of Fusheng’s special dealers, the technical support of local branches, and the strong support of the sales service department make Fusheng become the compressor and power expert around you.

Your profitability, low total operating costs and the availability of Fusheng’s equipment are the priority factors for Fusheng.

Fusheng’s approach to achieving these goals is based on interaction and cooperation with you to ensure the continuous operation of your production and involves your process flow, needs and goals.

Fusheng’s organizations and personnel are committed to improving the operational availability and efficiency of your compressed air network.

Specialized technology, sufficient supply of factory spare parts and nearby services enable Fusheng not only to respond in a timely manner, but also to be in place and solve problems quickly.

7. Hitachi

Country: Japan


About the company:

Founded in Japan in 1910, Hitachi is a large integrated motor manufacturer in Japan.

It is an enterprise group focusing on air conditioners and refrigerators and integrating research, development, production and sales of household appliances/computer products/semiconductors/industrial machinery and other products.

As a global leader in social innovation, Hitachi carries out businesses involving electricity, energy, industry, circulation, water, urban construction, public, medical and health, and provides high-quality solutions through collaboration with customers.

Now, Hitachi is accelerating its social innovation globally, solving various social issues, becoming an innovation partner in the loT era, and striving to achieve further development in the global market by virtue of its advantages in using control technology at the beginning of its business, as well as its half century old IT technology, and integrating big data analysis, AI and other digital technologies.

In the course of more than 100 years of development, Hitachi has always adhered to the entrepreneurial spirit of “harmony, honesty and pioneer spirit” and the corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through excellent independent technology and product development” to achieve the inheritance and continuous growth of the cause.

In the context of rapid changes in the world economy, Hitachi has formulated a new vision, that is, Hitachi, with innovation to open the way to solutions, with excellent teams and rich global market experience, to inject new vitality into the world “, and built up the core values of Hitachi Group, with a view to making greater contributions to social development with a new spirit.

In China, Hitachi has carried out extensive business activities with the goal of “The Most Trusted Partner in China”.

At the same time, Hitachi also pays close attention to environmental protection and is committed to the development and upgrading of energy conservation and emission reduction based social infrastructure systems, with a view to solving China’s social problems and making positive contributions to the sustainable development of China’s society.

8. Jaguar

Country: China


About the company:

Jaguar started in 1991. It is a supplier of air compressor solutions with excellent performance under Taiwan Risheng Industry, mainly engaged in the production and sales of air compressors, precision filters and other products.

Jaguar is a brand of Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1991, is a large air compressor manufacturer with nearly 30 years of history, focusing on providing energy-saving and stable compressed air system solutions, integrating independent research, development, production, sales and service.

It is also a large volume air compressor manufacturer in China and one of the few domestic enterprises that master the core technology of screw air compressor.

In the past three decades, the company has gradually developed into a modern factory with 70000 square meters based on the business philosophy of continuous innovation, and has successively cooperated with SRM of Sweden and NREC of the United States to enhance the ability of technology research and innovation and resource integration, and master high-quality air compressor technology.

In recent years, there are dozens of models of Jaguar’s permanent magnet frequency conversion series, which meet the “national first-class energy efficiency standard”.

Xiamen Dongya Machinery Co., Ltd., through continuous efforts and innovation, provides users in more than 40 countries at home and abroad with a full set of compressed air system solutions, relying on high-quality teams, high-quality testing equipment, scientific management system and strong research and development capabilities.

Today, millions of Jaguar devices are operating in various countries and regions around the world.

The end customers include China Railway, CRRC, PetroChina, Dongfeng Motor, BYD, Zhengxin Tire, Fangtai, Bull and many other enterprises.

At the same time, Jaguar has a worldwide marketing network. More than 300 convenient Jaguar service centers have been set up in central cities in China. Jaguar’s strong sales team and professional technical service team always provide users with a service system.

9. Bolatie

Country: Chian


About the company:

Since its establishment, Bolatie has focused on the design, production and sales of screw air compressors, as well as continuous technological innovation and high-quality products and services.

In 2006, Bolatie was wholly acquired by Atlas Copco Group, an air compressor supplier.

Inheriting the advanced technology, equipment and production management mode of the Group, Bolatie is widely praised and widely used in machinery, steel, mining, chemical industry, textile, automobile, environmental protection, new technology and energy and other fields.

Bolaite has a special marketing team, a perfect agent management system and an agent business support DBS system.

Special management personnel shall be assigned to track each stage of the order in real time through the BPCS system, and CRM system shall be used to directly and effectively manage the information and data of all authorized agents.

The company has established a sound agent training system, providing specialized training and related consulting and guidance services and a full range of solutions for compressed air systems.

Help and support agents to actively develop local business and achieve win-win cooperation.

The company has five product series, three cold dryer lines and four compressor production lines, with compressor product power ranging from 4.0kW to 560kW.

Meet the differentiated needs of different customers, strictly follow the CTP development process of the Group, and each new product has gone through 122 development processes, 33 test items, and 2000 hour durability test, so as to control product quality from the source and meet user needs with reliable performance.

In the process of transforming design into products, lean production is implemented.

The production workshop of Bolaite products has precision machining equipment and manufacturing processes such as Gaobo suspension hoisting system, atlas copco torque control and recording system, which strictly control every link of production.

The high-quality laboratory has the high and low voltage testing capacity of 4KW to 355kW, and can perform vibration, noise, oil content, flow, energy consumption and other performance tests on new products.

Bolaite provides customers with perfect after-sales service.

The sales and service outlets of Bolaite cover more than 200 cities nationwide, providing 24-hour service hotline and WeChat repair service.

Our original spare parts with excellent performance and complete varieties can extend the service life of the air compressor, reduce the maintenance cost, improve the operating efficiency of the air compressor and protect the customer’s investment even under severe working conditions.

In addition to after-sales service of air compressor, Bolaite also provides customers with a series of after-sales service products such as detection, analysis and optimization of compressed air system, centralized control of air compressor, waste heat recovery, frequency conversion transformation, dryer energy-saving transformation, and Jieneng pipeline, which not only helps customers reduce production costs, improve operating efficiency, but also contributes to protecting the earth environment on which human beings depend.

In Shanghai, Bolaite is equipped with an overhaul workshop that can realize unconditional rotor exchange and ensure 24-hour delivery.

It also has a modern warehousing and logistics center that integrates adjustment, detection, packaging and distribution functions, providing various spare parts and optional kits to meet the specific needs of customers.

The strictly trained service personnel are equipped with service vehicles and special inspection and maintenance tools to provide customers with timely and professional services and escort their production.


Country: China


About the company:

Hongwuhuan Group, founded in 1997, has become one of the manufacturing enterprises of air power equipment and engineering tunneling equipment with strong strength in China.

Hongwuhuan Group, with a total registered capital of 245 million yuan and holding 10 subsidiaries, is a modern machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating technology research and development, production and manufacturing, sales and service, covering an area of 476 mu.

The number of employees is more than 1100.

The Group has established close cooperation with Tsinghua University, China University of Geosciences, Zhejiang University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China General Machinery Research Institute and other scientific research institutes, and has strong product research and development capabilities.

The Group’s main business areas include air compressors, open-air down-hole drilling rigs, underground rock drilling rigs, hand-held drilling equipment, tea making equipment, pressure vessels, etc.

It has six series of more than 200 products, and its comprehensive strength is among the best in the air power and engineering tunneling industries in China.

The Group has more than 1500 sales outlets at home and abroad, and its products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and other countries.

Hongwuhuan Group has established joint ventures and cooperation projects with American Ingersoll Rand, Sweden Atlas Copco and other enterprises.

The Group has passed the 1S09001:2008 quality management system certification and the 1S014001:2004 environmental management system certification.

Adhering to the consistent goal, the Group will build the Red Five Ring brand into a world famous brand, and put forward the development goal of building a “100 year old enterprise, 10 billion enterprise”.

Centering on the two main businesses of aerodynamics and engineering tunneling, the Group will occupy a place in the world manufacturing industry.

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