How to Repair the Press Brake Tooling?

The repair and grinding of press brake toolings is a necessary procedure for sheet metal processing plants to repair worn molds in the later stage.

No manufacturer will use a set of press brake toolings without repair and grinding for several years, which is very bad for bending machines and molds.

The main reason for the wear of the bending machine die is that in the process of sheet metal processing.

The local bending causes the die to be worn by the bending pressure at the fixed point for a long time.

Excessive pressure may scratch the lower die, which will accelerate the wear degree of the upper and lower dies.

The best way to solve the wear caused by local bending is to process multiple workpieces at the same time, which can share the pressure of the bending machine and avoid die damage due to pressure concentration.

Press Brake Dies

Under what circumstances should the bending machine die be polished?

When the angle deviation of the bent workpiece is large, or the surface roughness of the workpiece is large, the mold should be repaired in time, so as to change the passivation of the mold and prolong the service life.

Generally, before processing, the sheet metal master should first check the upper and lower dies of the bending machine.

When there are obvious wear and pull marks on its surface, it should be necessary to repair the die.

The less the cycle and times of die grinding, the easier it is to shorten its service life, reduce the quality of workpiece, increase the load of machine tool and reduce the qualified rate of products.

How to grind the bending machine mold?

There are many kinds of mold grinding methods, among which the most common is to put the mold on a special fixture and then put it on a precision grinder for processing, especially the arc mold (R mold) and forming mold, which need to be equipped with high-precision grinding wheel and mold repair tools.

R mold

During each grinding, the near tool amount should be kept at 0.03mm ~ 0.05mm.

Repeated grinding is not only unable to process completely, but also has great damage to the mold, which is generally not recommended.

Correct most of the grindable areas appropriately, and conduct a fine grinding after the final grinding is in place, which is conducive to improving the die accuracy of the NC bending machine and facilitating installation and commissioning.


To sum up, reasonable die grinding of press brake machine is a necessary process for sheet metal fabrication enterprises.

At the same time, improving the accuracy and service life of dies is another way to help enterprises increase benefits.

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