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Press Brake Buyer’s Guide (The buyer should read this before make decision)

Press Brake Purchase

For companies planning to purchase a new type of press brake, the manufacturers can offer a variety of pricing with different controllers.

But experience shows that it is not easy to consider the overall situation.

The ideal way is to analyze your own needs and place them in the core position of the selection process.

And where should these considerations be started?

Four Principles

Four principles should be followed when choosing press brake:

CNC Hybrid Press Brake Machine

  • The precision used in the operation of the mechanical system.

In principle, it can be argued that the error of the radius is physically unavoidable, so the point is how much deviation can be accepted by the user.

Slightly less accurate for simple parts is acceptable, but most parts often require high precision, especially in the case of continued fabrication after bending.

  • How flexible new machinery must be.

The wider range of the parts, the more species, then the more requirement for flexibility of the press brake machine.

In other words, for economic reasons, the press brake in the hardware and software operations must be very simple.

Even when the order changes frequently and is rarely repeated, the adjustment time can be minimized.

  • Need to determine the production capacity and size of the press brake machine.

From the dimensions of the part, the pressure, bending length, stroke and structural height must be measured

  • It is advisable for the prospective buyer to consider carefully from the end-use of the machine, the possible deflection of the known machine, the bending radius of the part, etc.

Seven Factors

In order to help customers to buy the right press brake, we wrote 7 factors you should consider before purchasing press brake

If you plan to buy a press brake machine and want to work with a reliable manufacturer, why not try contacting our team of engineers, we won't let you down.

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