Press Brake

For sheet metal bending, the press brake is a necessary machine. We have NC type and CNC type press brakes. At the same time, we can customize the punches and dies according to your practical use in sheet metal fabrication.

Shearing Machine

For the straight cutting of steel plate, hydraulic shearing machine is a good choice. It not only has high cutting efficiency, but also requires less investment. We have both swing beam shears and guillotine shears for your selection.

Laser Cutting Machine

In the current metal plate and pipe cutting, laser cutting machine is undoubtedly the best choice. It can not only cut various shapes, but also has small cutting gap, high precision and high cutting efficiency. Today, it is very cost-effective.

Metal Spinning and it’s Operation Steps!

Metal spinning is a symmetrical rotation forming process for sheet metal. It is often used in furniture, lamps, tableware, aerospace and many other industries.

Metal spinning

  • Process cost: mold cost (low), unit cost (medium)
  • Typical products: furniture, lamps, aerospace, transportation, tableware, jewelry, etc.
  • Yield suitable: small-medium batch
  • Quality: surface quality is largely dependent on the skill and production speed of the operator
  • Speed: moderate production speed, mainly depending on part size, complexity and sheet metal thickness

Metal spinning

Applicable materials

Suitable for mild metal plates, such as stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, titanium, etc.

Applicable materials

Design considerations

  1. Metal spinning is only suitable for manufacturing rotationally symmetrical parts. The most ideal shape is a hemispherical thin shell metal part.
  2. The internal diameter of parts formed by metal spinning should be controlled within 2.5m

Spinning Process

Step 1: Fix the cut circular metal plate on the machine mandrel

Metal spinning diagram

Step 2: The mandrel drives the circular metal plate to rotate at high speed, and the tool with the wheel starts to press the metal surface until the metal plate completely fits the inner wall of the mold

Spinning process

Step 3: After molding is completed, the mandrel is removed and the top and bottom of the part are cut off for demolding

Spinning process

Example 1: Metal spinning of lampshade (picture)

Metal spinning of lampshade


Example 2: Spinning process of other metal products

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