Bronze Weight Calculator

Have you ever wondered about the weight of bronze objects? In this informative blog post, we’ll dive into the world of bronze density and explore how to calculate the weight of bronze items using a handy calculator tool. As a seasoned mechanical engineer with extensive experience in metalworking, I’ll share insights and tips to help you understand this fascinating topic. Get ready to learn how to accurately determine the weight of bronze objects for your projects!

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This bronze weight calculator is based on a bronze density of 8.8g/cm³. If the density of your bronze is not this value, you can enter your own metal density in the metal density input box.

MetalsDensity g/cm³
Bronze – Lead8.2
Bronze – Phosphorous8.9
Bronze (8-14% Sn)8.15
Manganese Bronze8.359
Phosphor Bronze8.9

Furthermore, you can refer to the metal density table to find the corresponding density values. For more calculations on metal weight, you can use our metal weight calculator.

Bronze Weight Calculator

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