Steel & Aluminum Grades Chart (Applied in 7 Countries)

What is steel grade?

The steel grade generally adopts the combination of letters, chemical element symbols and Arabic numerals to represent the name, purpose, characteristics and process of steel products.

The classification of various steels, according to their chemical composition or properties, has been developed for many years by national standardization organizations (sods), such as European EN standards, American ASTM standards and AISI standards, Japanese JIS standards, Chinese GB standards, international ISO standards, etc.

In general, steel is classified based on the following:

  • Chemical composition: such as carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel
  • Smelting method: such as open hearth steel, converter steel and electric furnace steel
  • Processing technology: such as hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel
  • Product shape: such as thick plate, thin plate, strip, pipe and profile, etc
  • Deoxidation methods: such as killed steel, semi killed steel and boiling steel
  • Microstructure: such as ferritic steel, pearlitic steel and martensitic steel
  • Strength level: for example, the tensile strength of A420 grade C in ASTM standard is between 515mpa and 655mpa
  • Heat treatment process: such as annealing, quenching, tempering and thermomechanical processing

According to the carbon content, steel is often divided into the following three categories:

  • Mild steel, such as AISI 1005 to AISI 1026, IF, HSLA, TRIP, and TWINsteel
  • Medium carbon steel, e.g. AISI 1029 to AISI 1053
  • High carbon steel, e.g. AISI 1055 to AISI 1095

In addition, according to the European standard classification, steel can be divided into the following categories:

  • Non alloy steel, such as ENDC01-DC06; S235;  S275
  • Alloy steel, such as 2CrMo4 and 25CrMo4,
  • Stainless steel
  • Tool steel, e.g. EN1545; AISI/SAE W110;  EN 1.2436, AISI/SAE D6
  • Plate and strip
  • Electrical steel plates and strips, such as EN0890 and EN 1.0803

Sometimes special brands may have different characteristics due to different standards. For example, 34CrMo4 is jointly defined by DIN and EN. There are six specifications (subgroups) in EN, but there are different specifications in DIN. These steel specifications report changes in tensile properties due to various thermomechanical treatments.

Steel Grades Chart of 7 Countries

China former Soviet Union USA UK Japan France Germany
Quality Carbon Structural Steel 08F 08КП 1006 040A04 S09CK C10
08 08 1008 045M10 S9CK C10
10F 1010 040A10 XC10
10 10 1010,1012 045M10 S10C XC10 C10,CK10
15 15 1015 095M15 S15C XC12 C15,CK15
20 20 1020 050A20 S20C XC18 C22,CK22
25 25 1025 S25C CK25
30 30 1030 060A30 S30C XC32
35 35 1035 060A35 S35C XC38TS C35,CK35
40 40 1040 080A40 S40C XC38H1
45 45 1045 080M46 S45C XC45 C45,CK45
50 50 1050 060A52 S50C XC48TS CK53
55 55 1055 070M55 S55C XC55
60 60 1060 080A62 S58C XC55 C60,CK60
15Mn 15Г 1016,1115 080A17 SB46 XC12 14Mn4
20Mn 20Г 1021,1022 080A20 XC18
30Mn 30Г 1030,1033 080A32 S30C XC32
40Mn 40Г 1036,1040 080A40 S40C 40M5 40Mn4
45Mn 45Г 1043,1045 080A47 S45C
50Mn 50Г 1050,1052 030A52 S53C XC48
Alloy Structure Steel 20Mn2 20Г2 1320,1321 150M19 SMn420 20Mn5
30Mn2 30Г2 1330 150M28 SMn433H 32M5 30Mn5
35Mn2 35Г2 1335 150M36 SMn438(H) 35M5 36Mn5
40Mn2 40Г2 1340 SMn443 40M5
45Mn2 45Г2 1345 SMn443 46Mn7
50Mn2 50Г2 ~55M5
20MnV 20MnV6
35SiMn 35CГ En46 37MnSi5
42SiMn 35CГ En46 46MnSi4
40B TS14B35
45B 50B46H
40MnB 50B40
45MnB 50B44
15Cr 15X 5115 523M15 SCr415(H) 12C3 15Cr3
20Cr 20X 5120 527A19 SCr420H 18C3 20Cr4
30Cr 30X 5130 530A30 SCr430 28Cr4
35Cr 35X 5132 530A36 SCr430(H) 32C4 34Cr4
40Cr 40X 5140 520M40 SCr440 42C4 41Cr4
45Cr 45X 5145,5147 534A99 SCr445 45C4
38CrSi 38XC
12CrMo 12XM 620CR.B 12CD4 13CrMo44
15CrMo 15XM A-387Cr . B 1653 STC42 12CD4 16CrMo44
20CrMo 20XM 4119,4118 CDS12 SCT42 18CD4 20CrMo44
CDS110 STT42
25CrMo 4125 En20A 25CD4 25CrMo4
30CrMo 30XM 4130 1717COS110 SCM420 30CD4
42CrMo 4140 708A42 42CD4 42CrMo4
35CrMo 35XM 4135 708A37 SCM3 35CD4 34CrMo4
12CrMoV 12XMΦ
12Cr1MoV 12X1MΦ 13CrMoV42
25Cr2Mo1VA 25X2M1ΦA
20CrV 20XΦ 6120 22CrV4
40CrV 40XΦA 6140 42CrV6
50CrVA 50XΦA 6150 735A30 SUP10 50CV4 50CrV4
15CrMn 15XГ,18XГ
20CrMn 20XГCA 5152 527A60 SUP9
30CrMnSiA 30XГCA
40CrNi 40XH 3140H 640M40 SNC236 40NiCr6
20CrNi3A 20XH3A 3316 20NC11 20NiCr14
30CrNi3A 30XH3A 3325 653M31 SNC631H 28NiCr10
3330 SNC631
20MnMoB 80B20
38CrMoAlA 38XMIOA 905M39 SACM645 40CAD6.12 41CrAlMo07
40CrNiMoA 40XHMA 4340 871M40 SNCM439 40NiCrMo22
Spring Steel 60 60 1060 080A62 S58C XC55 C60
85 85 C1085 080A86 SUP3
65Mn 65Г 1566
55Si2Mn 55C2Г 9255 250A53 SUP6 55S6 55Si7
60Si2MnA 60C2ГA 9260 250A61 SUP7 61S7 65Si7
50CrVA 50XΦA 6150 735A50 SUP10 50CV4 50CrV4
Roller Bearing Steel GCr9 ШX9 E51100 SUJ1 100C5 105Cr4
GCr15 ШX15 E52100 534A99 SUJ2 100C6 100Cr6
GCr15SiMn ШX15CГ 100CrMn6
Free Cutting Steel Y12 A12 C1109 SUM12
Y15 B1113 220M07 SUM22 10S20
Y20 A20 C1120 SUM32 20F2 22S20
Y30 A30 C1130 SUM42 35S20
Y40Mn A40Г C1144 225M36 45MF2 40S20
Wear Resisting Steel ZGMn13 116Г13Ю SCMnH11 Z120M12 X120Mn12
Carbon Stool Steel T7 y7 W1-7 SK7,SK6 C70W1
T8 y8 SK6,SK5
T8A y8A W1-0.8C 1104Y175 C80W1
T8Mn y8Г SK5
T10 y10 W1-1.0C D1 SK3
T12 y12 W1-1.2C D1 SK2 Y2 120 C125W
T12A y12A W1-1.2C XC 120 C125W2
T13 y13 SK1 Y2 140 C135W
Alloy Tool Steel 8MnSi C75W3
9SiCr 9XC BH21 90CrSi5
Cr2 X L3 100Cr6
Cr06 13X W5 SKS8 140Cr3
9Cr2 9X L 100Cr6
W B1 F1 BF1 SK21 120W4
Cr12 X12 D3 BD3 SKD1 Z200C12 X210Cr12
Cr12MoV X12M D2 BD2 SKD11 Z200C12 X165CrMoV46
9Mn2V 9Г2Φ 02 80M80 90MnV8
9CrWMn 9XBГ 01 SKS3 80M8
CrWMn XBГ 07 SKS31 105WC13 105WCr6
3Cr2W8V 3X2B8Φ H21 BH21 SKD5 X30WC9V X30WCrV93
5CrMnMo 5XГM SKT5 40CrMnMo7
5CrNiMo 5XHM L6 SKT4 55NCDV7 55NiCrMoV6
4Cr5MoSiV 4X5MΦC H11 BH11 SKD61 Z38CDV5 X38CrMoV51
4CrW2Si 4XB2C SKS41 40WCDS35-12 35WCrV7
5CrW2Si 5XB2C S1 BSi 45WCrV7
High-Speed Tool Steel W18Cr4V P18 T1 BT1 SKH2 Z80WCV S18-0-1
W6Mo5Cr4V2 P6M3 N2 BM2 SKH9 Z85WDCV S6-5-2
W18Cr4VCo5 P18K5Φ2 T4 BT4 SKH3 Z80WKCV S18-1-2-5
W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 M42 BM42 Z110DKCWV S2-10-1-8
Stainless Steel 1Cr18Ni9 12X18H9 302 302S25 SUS302 Z10CN18.09 X12CrNi188
Y1Cr18Ni9 303 303S21 SUS303 Z10CNF18.09 X12CrNiS188
0Cr19Ni9 08X18H10 304 304S15 SUS304 Z6CN18.09 X5CrNi189
00Cr19Ni11 03X18H11 304L 304S12 SUS304L Z2CN18.09 X2CrNi189
0Cr18Ni11Ti 08X18H10T 321 321S12 SUS321 Z6CNT18.10 X10CrNiTi189
S32100 321S20
0Cr13Al 405 405S17 SUS405 Z6CA13 X7CrAl13
1Cr17 12X17 430 430S15 SUS430 Z8C17 X8Cr17
1Cr13 12X13 410 410S21 SUS410 Z12C13 X10Cr13
2Cr13 20X13 420 420S37 SUS420J1 Z20C13 X20Cr13
3Cr13 30X13 420S45 SUS420J2
7Cr17 440A SUS440A
0Cr17Ni7Al 09X17H7Ю 631 SUS631 Z8CNA17.7 X7CrNiAl177
Heat Resistant Steel 2Cr23Ni13 20X23H12 309 309S24 SUH309 Z15CN24.13
2Cr25Ni21 20X25H20C2 310 310S24 SUH310 Z12CN25.20 CrNi2520
0Cr25Ni20 310S SUS310S
0Cr17Ni12Mo2 08X17H13M2T 316 316S16 SUS316 Z6CND17.12 X5CrNiMo1810
0Cr18Ni11Nb 08X18H12E 347 347S17 SUS347 Z6CNNb18.10 X10CrNiNb189
1Cr13Mo SUS410J1
1Cr17Ni2 14X17H2 431 431S29 SUS431 Z15CN16-02 X22CrNi17
0Cr17Ni7Al 09X17H7Ю 631 SUS631 Z8CNA17.7 X7CrNiAl177

Aluminum Grades Chart of 7 Countries

China USA UK Japan France Germany former
Soviet Union
Commercially Pure Aluminium 1A99 1199 A199.99R A99
1A97 A199.98R A97
1A95 A95
1A80 1080(1A) 1080 1080A A199.90 A8
1A50 1050 1050(1B) 1050 1050A A199.50 A5
Antirust Aluminium 5A02 5052 NS4 5052 5052 A1Mg2.5 Amg
5A03 NS5 AMg3
5A05 5056 NB6 5056 A1Mg5 AMg5V
5A30 5456 NG61 5556 5957
Duralumin 2A01 2036 2117 2117 AlCu2.5Mg0.5 D18
2A11 HF15 2017 2017S AlCuMg1 D1
2A12 2124 2024 2024 AlCuMg2 D16AVTV
2B16 2319
Forging Aluminium 2A80 2N01 AK4
2A90 2218 2018 AK2
2A14 2014 2014 2014 AlCuSiMn AK8
Ultraduralumin 7A09 7175 7075 7075 AlZnMgCu1.5 V95P
Casting Aluminium Alloy ZAlSi7Mn 356.2 LM25 AC4C G-AlSi7Mg
ZAlSi12 413.2 LM6 AC3A A-S12-Y4 G-Al12 AL2
ZAlSi5Cu1Mg 355.2 AL5
ZAlSi2Cu2Mg1 413.0 AC8A G-Al12(Cu)
ZAlCu5Mn AL19
ZAlCu5MnCdVA 201.0
ZAlMg10 520.2 LM10 AG11 G-AlMg10 AL8
ZAlMg5Si G-AlMg5Si AL13

P.S: For your convenience checking the steel grades chart and aluminum grades chart, we also prepared you the .xls version, which is much better than PDF version.

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