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C-frame Press Troubleshooting (17 Problems and Solutions)

Below is the detailed C-frame press malfunctions and solutions, it not only list where is the failure, but also the reasons why it happened and the solutions.

Category Faults Reasons Solutions
Main motor Ac Contactor not work, main motor not work 1. clutch bond Check the switch to,adjusting microinching position
Check the power supply
2. power failure
3. control circuit failure
4. thermo relay work
5. winding turnoff
Ac Contactor work, main motor not work 1. main motor line broken Repair
2. main motor fault Repair
3. poor contact Repair
4. main motor bearing fault Repair
Main motor not stop 1. stop button short out Repair
2. two contacts colliquefaction Repair
3. contactor movable part fault Repair
Operation Sliding block not move 1. auto stop button not restoration Restoration
2. sliding block not back to the top dead center Sliding block back to top dead center
3. pressure relay not work Adjusting air pressure
4. overload protector  microswitch not adjusted Readjusting
5. power source or power fault Repair
6. auto stop button bad contact Repair
7. operating button contact Repair
8. clutch cylinder stroke increase Change adjusting shim
9. clutch get stuck or air leakage Repair
10. clutch magnetic valve air leakage or coil short Repair
Sliding block stops at the bottom dead center 1. auto stop button processing circuit due to vibration Increase spring force
2. ac contactor off due to vibration Change antivibration switch
3. overload protection  microswitch off  due to vibration
4. cam controller switch not work
Sliding block cannot stop at the top dead center 1. clutch stroke increase Change adjustable pad
2. cam adjustment fault Readjustment
Stop position not  regularly 1. relay contact fusion Change contactor
2. relay residual magnetism Change relay
3. button spring damage Change button
4. damage fault Repair
5. clutch emit heat Reduce operation time
6. spring force too low Increase spring force or change
Emergency stop button cannot restoration Button not good Change
Coil melting loss. melting loss 1. excess temperature Adjusting
2. supply voltage exceed specified value
3. generate residual magnetism
4. lead too tight
Movable iron core cannot go back when power off 1. movable iron core Slipper part get stuck Wipe off impurity
2. reset spring corrosion Change spring
Actuation time error 1. iron core  and valve seat corrosion Iron core  rust removal or change, increase
2. Slipper part has dust and impurity Voltage
Reversing valve Leakage 1. P-A cavitary seal ring broken Replace sealing element part
2.  priority valve  and  main valve  coupling screw loose
After reverse, O cavitary  Continue to vent 1.  P-A  cavitary  seal ring broken Replace sealing element part, change  seal ring
2.  piston seal broken
Not reversing 1.  coil  bad contact Check binding post
2.  coil  burning-out change coil
3.  main valve  element get stuck Removing impurities
4.  valve slipper part large resistance Improve lubrication
5.  poor lubrication Change seal ring
6.  seal ring  deformation Change seal ring
Valve vibration 1. control air supply low pressure Increase  control pressure
2.  guide  solenoid valve low voltage Increase supply voltage
Reversing valve Reversing too  slow exhaust resistance increasing due to silencer installed at the vent Change silencer
Balance valve fault 1. two guide  solenoid valve  electrical signal   out of sync Check electrical signal
2. travel switch not work Check valve element   dynamical friction switch, change them if necessary

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