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Adjustment of CNC press brake

Adjustment of synchronization system #

The position synchronization of the ram during the moving and the positioning at the end of the stroke is controlled by the electro-hydraulic synchronous servo system.

Therefore, whether the grating ruler is installed correctly or not will affect the sampling of Y axis.

The correct installation method is: after the horizontal alignment of the CNC press brake, the grating ruler and guide rail should be perpendicular to the ground (check with the frame leveller).

When the ram of the CNC press brakel is not parallel to the workbench at the bottom dead center, it can be adjusted by changing the reference zero value of the two Y axes.

Note: this adjustment is fine and sometimes needs to be repeated. It is recommended that the user assign a special person to be responsible for the adjustment. If necessary, please ask relevant experts or the manufacturer to assign a special person to guide the adjustment.

Adjustment of guide rail clearance #

Adjust the set screw of the guide rail and check it with a feeler gauge to ensure that the guide rail gap is about 0.1mm. It is required that the guide rail gap is uniform up and down, left and right.

Fill the lubricating oil at the lubricating point at the upper end of the guide rail, then start the machine to run the ram up and down, and recheck whether the guide rail clearance meets the requirements, otherwise it needs to be readjusted.

After the nylon guide plate is repaired or replaced, the motion accuracy of the ram shall be rechecked. See the machine tool certificate of conformity for the inspection methods and accuracy requirements. If there is any error, it shall be adjusted and repaired accordingly.


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