Yamazaki Mazak (China) Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of CNC machine tools, was founded in 1919 in Japan. It is a leading machine tool manufacturer in the world, specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for compound machining / five axis machining / milling / turning / CNC system and automation

Yamazaki Mazak company is a machine tool manufacturer. Founded in 1919, the company mainly produces compound turn milling machining center, five axis machining center, vertical / horizontal machining center, FMS flexible production system, CNC device, laser cutting machine and production support software.

As the world’s machine tool manufacturer, Yamazaki Mazak’s products are known in the industry for their intelligent, composite, automation, energy saving and environmental protection technologies, and make contributions to many industries in the field of metal processing.

As a global company, Mazak has been operating internationally since 1970s.

At present, there are 10 production bases in the world, which are located in Japan (5), the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and China (2).

In addition, Yamazaki Mazak has set up more than 70 technology centers and service centers around the world.

Yamazaki Mazak (China) Co., Ltd. is the headquarters of Yamazaki Mazak in China.

Responsible for unified management of Yamazaki Mazak’s production, sales and service in China. It mainly includes three technical centers in Shanghai (2008), Guangzhou and Dalian (2010) and technical centers integrating exhibition, spare parts, training and technical support; two technical service centers in Beijing and Chongqing and sales outlets all over the country.

Two intelligent network chemical plants Ningxia Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (2000) and Yamazaki Mazak machine tool (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. (2013).

On April 23, 2014, Yamazaki Mazak China Service Center, an after-sales service facility integrating spare parts, training and service, laid the foundation. After completion, it will provide high-quality after-sales service for Chinese customers.

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