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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Welding?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Welding

Advantages of laser welding

Compared with other welding technologies, the main advantages of laser welding are:

1. Fast speed, large depth and small deformation.

2. It can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions, and the welding equipment is simple.

For example, when a laser passes through an electromagnetic field, the beam will not shift;

The laser can weld in vacuum, air and some gas environment, and can weld through glass or materials transparent to the beam.

3. It can weld refractory materials such as titanium and quartz, and can weld dissimilar materials with good effect.

4. After laser focusing, the power density is high. When welding high-power devices, the depth width ratio can reach 5:1 and up to 10:1.

5. Micro-welding is possible. After focusing, the laser beam can obtain a very small spot and can be positioned accurately.

It can be applied to the assembly and welding of micro and small workpieces produced in large quantities. (the minimum spot can be up to 0.1mm)

6. It can weld inaccessible parts, and implement non-contact long-distance welding, which has great flexibility.

Especially in recent years, optical fiber transmission technology has been adopted in YAG laser processing technology, and the popularization of optical fiber continuous laser has made laser welding technology more widely popularized and applied, which is more convenient for automatic integration.

7. The laser beam is easy to realize beam splitting according to time and space, and can carry out multi-beam simultaneous processing and multi-station processing, which provides conditions for more precise welding.

Disadvantages of laser welding

However, laser welding also has some limitations:

1. It is required that the assembly accuracy of the weldment is high, and the position of the beam on the workpiece shall not be significantly offset.

This is because the spot size after laser focusing is small and the weld is narrow. It is filled with the metal material.

If the workpiece assembly accuracy or beam positioning accuracy can not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause welding defects.

2. The cost of laser and its related systems is high and the one-time investment is large.

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