6 Essential Knowledge for Press Brake Operator’s Safety Training

Press brake machine operators are exposed to hazards when working with workpieces. Each workpiece has different hazards and countermeasures.

1) Punch and dies

Downward movement of the ram will cut off the limb!


Do not put your hand between the upper and lower dies.

Press Brake Operator’s Safety Training

2) The edge of the workpiece

The edge of the workpiece will warp when it is bent, and the workpiece will fall down again after bending!

There is a risk of injury and squeeze injury!


  • Must keep enough distance from the workpiece.
  • When holding the workpiece, make sure that your hands and fingers will not be clamped.
  • When using auxiliary bend support: hold the workpiece from the side after bending.
Press Brake Operator’s Safety Training

3) Locate the workpiece

If the workpiece is mispositioned, the workpiece will collide with the finger of the rear stopper.


The workpiece must be positioned according to the movement of the rear stop finger so that the workpiece will not collide with the rear gear.

4) Backstop finger

The rear stop finger will move unexpectedly!

Danger of injury!


  • The workpiece can be positioned only when the rear stop finger is positioned to the next position.
  • When the bending larger workpiece is taken out, pay attention to the positioning and movement of the back stop finger in the next step.

5) Mold adjustment

The falling mold! A cracked mold! Danger of injury.


  • In the process of mold replacement or adjustment, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand between the upper die and the lower die to support the upper die.
  • When adjusting the die alignment, it is necessary to select the appropriate mold length according to the load-bearing pressure value of the die (taking the relatively low pressure value in the upper die and the lower die as the standard).
  • The pressing operation is carried out after confirming that the upper die, the lower die and the lower die base are fixed.
Press Brake Operator’s Safety Training

6) Bend operation

Workpiece extrusion! Collision! The mold cracked! Danger of injury!


  • Reconfirm the main parameters of the bend before starting processing to avoid accidents during bending.
  • Confirm the positioning L value of the back stopper, and judge whether the back stop fingerswill interfere with the die during the bending positioning process (when the backgaugeis only equipped with X axis).
  • When bending a small workpiece or a workpiece with a short position in hand, you should pay attention to the position and mode of holding the workpiece, otherwise there will be a risk that your fingers will be scratched by the mold or between the mold and the workpiece.
  • Once the workpiece is clamped between the moulds, the workpiece should be released immediately so as not to cause personal injury when falling back.
  • Do not place your hand between the workpiece and the rear stopper during the operation of the press brake.
Press Brake Operator’s Safety Training
  • When the rear stopper is positioned, it will push the plate and cause the plate to be extruded, so when bending, it is necessary to place the plate bending after the positioning of the rear stopper is completed.
  • When bending a larger workpiece, it is necessary to pay attention to the rapid flipping of the workpiece, and consider the danger of holding the workpiece horizontally by hand and placing the warped workpiece.
Press Brake Operator’s Safety Training

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