13 Components of the Laser Cutter

13 Components of the Laser Cutter

Laser cutter mainly consists the main machine, light and electricity.

And the whole system is composed of the mechanical part, laser generator + reflector path, CNC controller (electrical control).

The auxiliary equipment of laser cutter include:

stabilizer power supply, water chiller, gas cylinder, air compressor, gas storage tank, cooling dryer, filter, air cleaner, slag discharging machine.

I will split the laser cutter into 13 parts and explain one by one, let’s dive into it.


1) Laser cutter frame

Laser cutter frame

It’s the mechanical part to realize the movement in X,Y,Z-axis, including cutting working platform.

Used to place the cut piece and move it correctly and accurately according to the control procedure. Usually driven by a servo motor.


2) Laser generator

Laser generator

A device that produces a laser light source.


3) Reflector path

Reflector path

Refraction mirror for the direction needed for laser orientation.

In order to prevent failure of the beam path, all reflectors shall be protected by a protective cover, and the clean positive pressure protection gas will be used to protect the lens from pollution.


4) CNC system

CNC system

Control the laser cutter to achieve X, Y, Z-axis motion, and also control the output power of the laser generator.


5) Regulated power supply

Regulated power supply

Connection between the laser generator, laser cutter and power supply system, mainly to prevent the external power network interference.


6) Cutting head

Cutting head

It mainly includes the cavity, focusing lens seat, focusing mirror, the capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle.

The cutting head drive device is used to drive the cutting head moves along the z-axis in accordance with the program, which is composed of the servo motor, screw rod or gear, etc.


7) Control platform

Control platform

The process of controlling the whole cutting device.


8) Water chiller

Water chiller

Used for cooling laser generator.

A laser generator is a device that converts electrical energy into light energy, such as a CO2 laser with a conversion rate of 20%, and the remaining energy is converted to heat.

The cooling water takes the excess heat away to keep the laser generator working properly.

The chiller is also cooling the external optical path reflector and focusing mirror to ensure the stable beam transmission quality and effectively prevent the lens from being too hot and causing deformation or crack.


9) Gas cylinders

Gas cylinders

Includes laser cutter working medium gas cylinders and auxiliary gas cylinders. Mainly act as industrial gases for the supplement of laser oscillations and auxiliary gas for supplying cutting head use.


10) Air compressor, gas storage tank

Air compressor, gas storage tank

Provide and store compressed air.


11) Air cooling dryer, filter:

Air cooling dryer, filter

Used to supply clean dry air to the laser generator and beam path to maintain the normal work of the pathway and reflector.


12) Dust extractor

Dust extractor

The smoke and dust produced during the process of fabrication shall be filtered and treated to meet the environmental protection standards.


13) Slag discharge machine

Slag discharge machine

Eliminate the leftover materials and wastes generated during processing.

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