Laser Cutting Thickness & Speed Chart


The following data in the laser cutting thickness & speed chart is for reference only!

  • Different fiber optics, material quality, gases, optical lenses, cutting patterns, etc., will affect the cutting speed and need to be adjusted according to site conditions;
  • The yellow part is nitrogen (pure nitrogen) cutting, the blue part is oxygen (pure oxygen) cutting;
  • Laser cutting in the processing of the limit material is inefficient and the effect will be reduced, cannot be continuous processing;
  • For the cutting of high anti-corrosive materials such as copper and aluminum, attention should be paid to adjusting the process. It is not recommended to continuously process for a long time.

>> Download the laser cutting thickness and speed chart

Laser Cutting Thickness and Speed Chart
Laser Cutting Thickness and Speed Chart
Material Thick(mm) Speed(m/min) Pressure(MPA) Gas
Stainless steel 0.5 >21 1 N2
1 12~18 >1.1
2 3.6~4.2 >1.5
3 1.2~1.8 >1.8
4 0.78~1.2 >2.0
Carbon steel 1 12~18 1 O2
2 4.2~5.4 0.6~0.8
3 3~3.9 0.25~0.4
4 1.8~2.4 0.15~0.2
5 1.2~1.8 0.15~0.2
6 0.9~1.2 0.10~0.15
8 0.72~1.84 0.10~0.15

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