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Looking for an easy and efficient way to calculate the weight of square steel tubes? Look no further than the Square Tube Weight Calculator!

This handy tool takes the guesswork out of determining the weight of your square steel tubes, allowing you to quickly and accurately calculate the weight based on the dimensions of the tube.

Whether you’re working on a construction project, manufacturing parts, or simply need to know the weight of your steel tubes for shipping purposes, the Square Tube Weight Calculator is an essential tool for any metalworker.

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What is square tube?

The term ‘square tube’ refers to both square and rectangular tubes, which are steel tubes with equal or unequal side lengths. They are manufactured by processing strip steel, which is unrolled, leveled, crimped, and welded to form a round pipe. The round pipe is then rolled into a square shape and cut to the desired length.

Types of square tube

Square tubes are classified into four categories based on their production process: hot-rolled seamless square tubes, cold drawn seamless square tubes, extruded seamless square tubes, and welded square tubes.

The welded square pipe is divided into:

  • Divided by process – arc welding square pipe, resistance welding square pipe (high frequency and low frequency), gas welding square pipe and furnace welding square pipe
  • Divided by the weld seam – straight welded square pipe and spiral welded square pipe.

Square Tube Weight Calculator

According to GB/T 3094-2012 for cold-drawn special-shaped steel pipes, the general length of square steel pipes ranges from 2000mm to 9000mm. The supply can be delivered in either fixed length or double length. In the market, square steel pipes can be delivered based on either actual weight or theoretical weight.”

When delivered by theoretical weight, the density of steel pipe is 7.85g/cm³.

You can use the square steel pipe weight calculator below to calculate the weight of the square steel pipe.

Square Tube Weight Chart

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