Welding Electrode Comparison: Find the Right Model and Grade

Ever wondered what those numbers and letters on welding rods mean? This article demystifies the coding system for carbon and stainless steel welding rods, helping you understand their tensile strength, welding positions, and coating types. Get ready to enhance your welding knowledge and make informed choices for your projects!

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The E in carbon steel welding rod indicates the rod, the first two digits represent the minimum tensile strength of the deposited metal, the third digit represents the welding position, and the combination of the third and fourth digits represents the type of welding current and the type of coating.

For stainless steel welding rods, E stands for the rod, the numbers following “E” represent the classification code of the chemical composition of the deposited metal, and the two digits following “-” represent the type of coating, welding position, and type of welding current.

For more specifics, you can refer to GB5117 and GB983.

1. Carbon Steel Welding Rod

E43 Series – Tensile Strength of Deposited Metal≥420Mpa(43kgf/mm2)
1CHE40 J421 E4313 E6013 D4313 E4332 R3 
2CHE420T J420G E4300       
3CHE421 J421 E4313 E6013 D4313 E4332 R3 
4CHE421Fe16 J421Fe16 E4324 E6024     
5CHE421Fe18 J421Fe18 E4324 E6024     
6CHE421D J421X E4313 E6010 D4313 E4333R (C) 3 
7CHE42 J422 E4303 E6019 D4303   
8CHE422 J422 E4303   D4303   
9CHE423 J423 E4301   D4301   
10CHE424 J424 E4320 E6020 D4320 E4354AR11160 
11CHE424Fe16 J424Fe16 E4327 E6027 D4327 E4354AR11160 
12CHE425 J425 E4311 E6011 D4311   
13CHE425G J425G E4310 E6010     
14CHE425GX J425G E4310 E6010   E4343C4 
15CHE426 J426 E4316 E6016 D4316 E4343B10 
16CHE47 J427 E4315       
17CHE427 J427 E4315       
18CHE427T J427X E4315       
E50 Series – Tensile Strength of Deposited Metal≥490Mpa(50kgf/mm2)
1CHE501Fe J501Fe E5014 E7014   E4321AR11120 
2CHE501Fe16 J501Fe16 E5024 E7024   E5142RR11160 
3CHE502 J502 E5003   D5003   
4CHE503 J503 E5001       
5CHE505 J505 E5011 E7011-A1     
6CHE505G   E5010 E7010-A1     
7CHE505GX   E5010 E7010-A1     
8CHE56 J506 E5016 E7016 D5016 E5154B (R) 10 
9CHE506 J506 E5016 E7016 D5016 E51431310 
10CHE50 J507 E5015 E7015     
11CHE507 J507 E5015 E7015   E51551310 
12CHE507T J507X E5015 E7015   E51551310 
13CHE507Fe16 J507Fe16 E5028 E7028 D5026 E5155B (R) /2160                                                    
14CHE58-1   E5018-1 E7018-1 D5016 E5154B (R) 10 
15CHE508-1   E5018-1 E7018-1   E5154B10 
16CHE508   E5018 E7018 D5016 E5153B10 
17CHE508T   E5048 E7048     

Please refer to: GB/T 5117-1995 “Carbon Steel Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding.

Comparison of Old and New Designations for Commonly Used Carbon Steel Welding Rods and Their Applicable Scope:

National Standards
National Standards
Using Power SupplyDrying Temperature and Time (℃×h)Suitable for welding steel materials.
J421E4320Direct Connection of Alternating or Direct Current150—200×1Flat welding and angle welding of A3, Q235A, Q235F, 10, 20 steel
J422E4303Direct Connection of Alternating or Direct Current150—200×1A3, Q235A, Q235F, 10, 20
J423E4301Direct Connection of Alternating or Direct Current150—200×1A3, Q235A, Q235F, 10, 20
J427E4315Reverse Connection of Direct Current350—400×2Q235B, C, D, 20R, 20g
J502E5003Direct Connection of Alternating or Direct Current150—200×1Q295, Q345, 16Mn, etc.
J506E5016Reverse Connection of Direct Current or Alternating Current350—400×2Q295, Q345, 16Mn, 16MnR, etc.
J507E5015Reverse Connection of Direct Current350—400×2Q295, Q345, 16Mn, 16MnR, etc.

2. Alloy Steel Welding Rod

Low Alloy Steel Welding Rod:

1CHE502WCu J502Wcu TBE5003-G       
2CHE505Mo   E5010-A1 E7010-A1     
3CHE506NiLH   E5016-G E7016-G     
4CHE506WCu J506Wcu TBE5016-G       
5CHE507NiLH   E5015-G E7015-G     
6CHE507RH   E5015-G       
7CHE507CuP J507CuP E5015-G E7015-G     
8CHE507MnMo   E5015-G E7015-G     
9CHE507CrNi J507CrNi E5015-G E7015-G     
11CHE508Ni   E5018-G E7018-G     
12CHE555GX   E5510-G E8010-P1     
13CHE557 J557 E5515-G E8015-G D5316 EY5066NiMoBH5 
14CHE557MoV J557MoV E5515-G E8015-G D5316 EY5066NiMoBH5 
17CHE62CFLH   E6015-G E9015-G D5816 E55548XXH5 
18CHE606 J606 E6016-D1 E9016-G D5816 E55548XXH5 
19CHE607 J607 E6015-D1 E9015-G D5816 DY5554BXXH5 
20CHE607Ni J607Ni E6015-G E9015-G D5816 EY5554BXXH5 
22CHE707 J707 E7015-D2 E10015-G D7016 EY624BXXH5 
23CHE707MnMo   E7015-G E10015-G D7016 EY624BXXH5 
24CHE707Ni J707Ni E7515-G E10015-G D7016 EY624BXXH5 
25CHE757 J757 E7517-G E11015-G D7016 EY6924BXXH15 
26CHE758   E7518-G E11018-G     
27CHE80C   E8015-G E12015-G     
28CHE857 J857 E8515-G E12015-G   EY7953BXXH15 
29CHE857Cr J857Cr E8515-G E12015-G   EY7953BXXH15 
30CHE857CrNi J857CrNi E8515-G E12015-G   EY7953BXXH15 
31CHE858   E8518-G E12018-G     
32CHH107 R107 E5015-A1 E7015-A1 DT1216 EMoB10+ 
33CHH108   E5018-A1 E7018-A1     
34CHH202 R202 E5503-B1       
35CHH207 R207 E5518-B1 E8015-B1     
36CHH307 R307 E5515-B2 E8015-B2 DT2315 ECrMolB10+ 
37CHH308   E5515-B2 E8018-B2     
38CHH317 R317 E5515-B2-V E8016-B2 DT2315   
39CHH327 R327 E5515-B2-VW       
40CHH337 R337 E5515-B2-VNb       
41CHH347 R347 E5515-B3-VWB       
43CHH407 R407 E6015-B3 E9015-B3 DT2415 EcCrMo2B10+ 
44CHH417 R417 E5515-B3-VNb       
45HL107 W107 E5015-C2L E7015-C2L     
46HL707 W707 E5515-Cl E8015-C1     
47HL907   E7015-G       

Comparison of old and new model numbers of alloy steel welding rods, and their application scope:

National Standards
National Standards
DryingSuitable for welding steel materials.
R102E5003-A1150~200℃×1 hPreheat 15Mo to 90-110°C, then temper at 605-635°C.
R107350℃×1 h
R202E5503-B1150~200℃×1 hPreheat 12CrMo to 150-200°C, then temper at 605-635°C.
R207350℃×1 h
R302E5503-B2150~200℃×1 hPreheat 15CrMo at 160-200℃, temper at 675-705℃.
R307E5515-B2350℃×1 h
R312E5503-B2-V200℃×1 hPreheat 12CrMoV at 250-300℃, temper at 715-745℃.
R317E5515-B2-V350℃×1 h
R327E5515-B2-VWPreheat 15CrMoV to 250-300℃, then temper at 715-745℃.
R402E6003-B3200℃×1 hPreheat 12Cr2Mo at 160-200℃, temper at 675-705℃.
R407E6015-B3350℃×1 h
R417E5515-B3-VNbPreheat 12Cr3Mo3SiTiB at 200-300℃, then temper at 715-745℃.
R507E15MoV-15Cr5Mo should be preheated at 300 to 400 degrees Celsius, followed by tempering treatment at 740 to 760 degrees Celsius.
R707E9Mo-15Cr5Mo should be preheated at 300 to 400℃, and then tempered at 730 to 750℃.
R802E11MoVNi-161Cr11MoV should be preheated at 300-400°C, then tempered at 730-750°C.
R817E11MoVNiW-15Cr11MoNiVW should be preheated at 350-450℃, and then undergo tempering treatment at 730-750℃.
R827Cr11MoNiV; Preheat Cr11MoV at 350 to 450℃, then temper at 730 to 750℃.

Description: E5003-A1 – Carbon Molybdenum Steel; E5503-B1, B2, B3 – Increased Chromium content, Chromium Molybdenum Steel; E5515-C2, C2, C3 – Increased Nickel content, Nickel Steel; E5518-NM – Nickel Molybdenum Steel; W6015-D1, D2, D3 – Increased Manganese content, Manganese Molybdenum Steel; E××10-G, E××03-G, etc.: Other low alloy steel welding rods.

3. Stainless Steel Welding Rod

1CHH507 R507 E5MoV-15 E502-15 DT2516 EkbCrMo520+ 
2CHH707 R707 E9Mo-15 E505-15   EkbCrMo920+ 
3CHH807 R807 E11MoVNi-15       
4CHK202 G202 E410-16 E410-16 D410 E13B20+ 
5CHK207 G207 E410-15 E410-15   E13B20+ 
6CHK232   E410NiMo-16 E410NiMo-16     
7CHK307 G307 E430-15 E430-15 D430 E17B20+ 
8CHS002 A002 E308L-16 E308L-16 D308L E199ncR23 
9CHS002A   E308L-15 E308L-15     
10CHS012Si A012Si         
11CHS022 A022 E316L-16 E316L-16 D316L E19123ncR26 
12CHS022N   E316L-16 E316L-16 D316L E19123ncR26 
13CHS022Si A022Si         
14CHS032 A032 E317MoCuL-16 E317L-16     
15CHS042 A042 E309MoL-16 E309MoL-16     
16CHS052 A052         
18CHS062 A062 E309L-16 E309L-16     
19CHS062A   E309L-15 E309L-15     
20CHS102 A102 E308-16 E308-16 D308-16 E199R26 
21CHS107 A107 E308-15 E308-15   E199B26 
22CHS122 A122         
23CHS132 A132 E347-16 E347-16 D347-16 E199NbR26 
24CHS137 A137 E347-15 E347-15 D347-15 E199NbB26 
26CHS202 A202 E316-16 E316-16 D316 E19123R26 
27CHS207 A207 E316-15 E316-15   E19123B20+ 
28CHS212 A212 E318-16 E318-16   E19123NbR26 
29CHS222 A222 E317MoCu-16 E316Cu-16     
30CHS232 A232 E318V-16       
31CHS237 A237 E318V-15       
32CHS302 A302 E309-16 E309-16 D309-16 E2312R26 
33CHS307 A307 E309-15 E309-15 D309-15 E2212B20+ 
34CHS312 A312 E309Mo-16 E309Mo-16 D309Mo-16 E2312R26 
35CHS402 A402 E310-16 E310-16 D310-16 E2520R26 
36CHS407 A407 E310-15 E310-15 D310-15 E2520B26 
37CHS412 A412 E310Mo-16 E310Mo-16 D310Mo-16   
38CHS437     E310H-15   B.S:25.20H 
39CHS502 A502 E16-25MoN-16 E16-8-2-16 D16-8-2   
40CHS507 A507 E16-25MoN-15 E16-8-2-15 D16-8-2   
41CHS29.9   E312-16 E312-16 D312   
43CHS2209   E2209-16 E2209-16     

Comparison of old and new models of stainless steel welding rods and their application range:

National Standards
National Standards
National Standards
DryingSuitable for welding steel materials
A002E00-19-10-16E308L-16150℃×1 h0Cr19Ni10; 0Cr19Ni11Ti;
A022E00-18-12Mo-16E316L-1600Cr17Ni14 Mo2
A032E00-19-13Mo2-Cu2-16E317 Mo-CuL-160Cr18Ni12Mo2Cu2
A042E00-23-13Mo2-16E309 Mo L-1600Cr23Ni13Mo2
A062E00-23-13-16E309 L-1600Cr23Ni13
A101E0-19-10-16E308-161Cr19Ni9; Cr19Ni10; 0Cr19Ni11
A102E0-19-10-16E308-160Cr19Ni9; 0Cr19Ni11Ti
A107E0-19-10-15E308-15250℃×1 h0Cr19Ni9
A132E0-19-10Nb-16E347-16150℃×1 hCr19Ni11Ti
A137E0-19-10Nb-15E347-15250℃×1 h0Cr19Ni11Ti
A201E0-18-12Mo2-16E316-16250℃×1 h(Prohibit repeated baking.)0Cr18Ni12Mo2
A202E0-18-12Mo2-16E316-16150℃×1 h0Cr18Ni12Mo2
A207E0-18-12Mo2-15E316-15250℃×1 h0Cr18Ni12Mo2; Cr13; Cr17
A242E0-19-13Mo3-16E317-16150℃×1 hCr19Ni13Mo3
A307E1-23-13-15E309-15250℃×1 hCr23Ni13
A312E1-23-13Mo2-16E309 Mo -16150℃×1 hCr23Ni13Mo2
A402E2-26-21-16E310 -16Cr25Ni20
A407E2-26-21-15E310 -15250℃×1 hCr25Ni20
A412E1-21-21Mo2-16E310Mo -16150℃×1 hCr26Ni21Mo2
A422   Cr25Ni20Si2

Description: 15, 25 – Alkaline, direct current reversed polarity; 16, 17, 26 – Titanium calcium type, alternating current or direct current reversed polarity.

4. Cast Iron Welding Rod

1CHC100 Z100       
3CHC208 Z208 EZC     
4CHC308 Z308 EZNi-1 ENi-CI DECNi 
5CHC408 Z408 EZNiFe-1 ENiFe-CI DFCNiFe 
6CHC508 Z508 EZNiCu-1 ENiCu-B DFCNiCu 

5. Low-temperature Steel Welding Rod

Comparison of old and new model numbers for low temperature steel welding rods and their application range

National Standards
National Standards
DryingSuitable for welding steel materials.
W707 350℃×1 h09Mo2V; 09MnTiCuXi
W707NiE5515-C109Mo2V; 16MnVAl; 3.5Ni Steel, etc.
W907NiE5515-C23.5Ni steel should be preheated to 150℃, then tempered at a temperature range of 600-650℃.
W107Ni 06AlNbCuN;16MnNb; 3.5Ni steel

6. Welding Wires for Gas Shielded Welding, Submerged Arc Welding, and Gas Welding

NoGradeWelding FormsGBAWSDIN JIS 
1CHW-40CNH Gas Shielded Welding TB/T H08MnSiCuCrNi Ⅱ       
2CHW-50C Gas Shielded Welding ER49-1       
3CHW-50C3 Gas Shielded Welding ER50-3 ER70S-3 YGW16   
4CHW-50C6 Gas Shielded Welding ER50-6 ER70S-6 SG2 YGW12 
5CHW-50C8 Gas Shielded Welding   ER70S-G     
6CHW-60C Gas Shielded Welding   ER80S-G     
7CHW-62B3 Gas Shielded Welding ER62-B3 ER80S-B3     
8CHW-S1 Submerged Arc WeldingH08A (E) EL12 S1   
9CHW-S2 Submerged Arc WeldingH08MnA EM12 S2   
10CHW-S3 Submerged Arc WeldingH10Mn2 EH14 S4 W41 
11CHW-S4 Submerged Arc WeldingH10MnSi EM13K     
12CHW-S5 Submerged Arc WeldingH08Mn2SiA       
13CHW-S6 Submerged Arc WeldingER50-6       
14CHW-S7 Submerged Arc WeldingH008Mn2MoA       
15CHW-S8 Submerged Arc WeldingH13Cr2.25MolA EB3     
16CHW-S9 Submerged Arc WeldingHO8MnMoA EA2     
17CHW-SG Submerged Arc Welding        
18CHW-SQ1 Submerged Arc Welding        
19CHW-SQ2 Submerged Arc Welding        
20CHW-G1 Gas WeldingH08A EL12 8557-S1   

7. Welding Fluxes

Welding Fluxes for Carbon Steel and Low Alloy Steel:

NoGrade  GBAWS
1CHF101 SJ101 F5A2-H10Mn2 E7A0-EH14 
3CHF102   F5A4-H10Mn2 E7A4-EH14 
4CHF103 SJ103 F4A4-H108MnA E6A4-EM12 
5CHF105 SJ105 F5P5-H10Mn2 E7P6-EH14 
7CHF105HR   F5131-H10Mn2 E7P2-EH14 
8CHF106Fe   F5A2-H10Mn2 E7A0-EH14 
9CHF113   F7141-H08Mn2MoA F62P4-EA4-A4 
10CHF115   F8121-H08Mn2MoA F69P2-EA4-A4 
11CHF201 SJ201 F5A4-H10Mn2 E6A0-EM12 
12CHF250 HJ250     
13CHF301 SJ301 F4A2-H08A E6A0-EL12 
14CHF302 SJ302 F5A2-H08A E7A0-EL12 
15CHF303 SJ303 F5A2-H10MnSi F7A0-EM13K 
16CHF330 HJ330 F4A0-H10Mn2 F6AZ-EH14 
17CHF350 HJ350 F4A2-H10Mn2 F6A0-EH14 
18CHF360 HJ360     
19CHF431 HJ431 F4A2-H08A F6A0-EL12 
20CHF501 SJ501 F4A0-H08A F6AZ-EL12 
21CHF523   F4A0-H08A F6AZ-EL12 
22CHFGP60   F4A0-H08A F6AZ-EL12 

Welding Fluxes for Stainless Steel, Non-ferrous Metals, and Repair Welding:

NoGrade  GB 
1CHF131 HJ131   
2CHF150 HJ150   
3CHF202 SJ202   
4CHF203 SJ203   
5CHF260 HJ260 F308-H0Cr21Ni10 
8CHF522 SJ522   
9CHF570 SJ570   
10CHF601 SJ601 F308-H0Cr21Ni10 
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