Precision Laser Cutting Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Overview Precision laser cutting machine is a special cutting equipment designed by using laser technology and numerical control technology. It has the characteristics of stable laser power, good beam mode, high peak power, high efficiency, low cost, safety, stability and easy operation. The equipment is good at high efficiency and high precision one-time complex graphics […]

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Precision laser cutting machine is a special cutting equipment designed by using laser technology and numerical control technology.

It has the characteristics of stable laser power, good beam mode, high peak power, high efficiency, low cost, safety, stability and easy operation.

The equipment is good at high efficiency and high precision one-time complex graphics cutting, and has great processing advantages in dynamic cutting of sharp corners and complex geometric graphics.

The current application scenarios are mainly high-quality band saw blades, cutting tools, customized processing of special precision parts, etc.

What is precision laser cutting machine?

Precision laser cutting machine is a laser processing equipment specially designed and manufactured for high-precision and high-quality processing requirements in the field of metal material cutting.

The equipment can cut complex graphics with high efficiency and precision at one time, especially in the dynamic cutting of sharp corners and complex geometric graphics.

The equipment is mainly used for the precision cutting of precision electronic components and high-precision metal small parts.

Current application scenarios include:

  • High quality band saw blade and cutter cutting;
  • Cutting of high-precision components such as cameras and mobile phones;
  • Customized processing of special parts, etc.

Laser precision machining has the following remarkable features:

(1) Wide range:

The object range of laser precision machining is very wide, including almost all metal materials and non-metallic materials;

Suitable for sintering, punching, marking, cutting, welding, surface modification and chemical vapor deposition of materials.

While electrochemical machining can only process conductive materials, photochemical machining is only applicable to corrosive materials, and plasma machining is difficult to process some materials with high melting point.

(2) Precise and meticulous:

The laser beam can be focused to a very small size, so it is particularly suitable for precision machining.

Laser precision machining quality has few influencing factors and high machining accuracy, which is generally superior to other traditional machining methods.

(3) Fast:

From the perspective of machining cycle, the tool electrode of EDM requires high precision, large loss and long machining cycle;

The design of cathode mould for machining cavity and surface of ECM is heavy and the manufacturing cycle is long;

The photochemical processing process is complex;

The laser precision machining is easy to operate and the cutting width is easy to adjust.

It can immediately carry out high-speed engraving and cutting according to the computer output pattern.

The processing speed is fast, and the processing cycle is shorter than other methods.

(4) Safe and reliable:

Laser precision processing is non-contact processing, which will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material;

Compared with EDM and plasma arc machining, its heat affected zone and deformation are very small, so it can process very small parts.

(5) Low cost:

It is not limited by the processing quantity, and laser processing is cheaper for small batch processing services.

For the processing of large products, the mold manufacturing cost of large products is very high. Laser processing does not need any mold manufacturing, and laser processing completely avoids the edge collapse formed during material punching and shearing, which can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises and improve the quality of products.

(6) Small cutting seam:

The laser cutting seam is generally 0.1-0.2mm.

(7) Smooth cutting surface:

The cutting surface of laser cutting shall be free of burrs.

(8) Small thermal deformation:

The laser cutting of laser processing is thin, fast and concentrated, so the heat transferred to the cut material is small, and the deformation of the material is also very small.

(9) Material saving:

Laser processing adopts computer programming, which can carry out material nesting for products of different shapes, maximize the utilization rate of materials, and greatly reduce the material cost of enterprises.

(10) It is very suitable for the development of new products:

Once the product drawing is formed, laser processing can be carried out immediately, and you can get the physical object of the new product in the shortest time.

In general, laser precision processing technology has many advantages over traditional processing methods, and its application prospects are very broad.

Features of precision laser cutting machine

  • High efficiency cutting, high precision cutting, high material utilization.
  • Strong scalability, high flexibility and small floor area.
  • It is widely used in glasses, electronics, electrical appliances and other precision mechanical hardware and 3C industries.
  • Marble working platform and marble gantry structure are adopted to ensure long-term stable operation.
  • Optional camera automatic positioning device with camera positioning function.
  • Professional laser cutting software can realize high-speed drilling and marking functions.
  • Integrated structural design, compact and reasonable overall layout, and small floor area.
  • Wide working range, saving cutting process, suitable for mass production;
  • High working efficiency, fast cutting speed and high stability;
  • Small deformation, small joint, smooth and beautiful cutting surface, no need for follow-up treatment;
  • High precision, more suitable for processing precision accessories and cutting various fine handicrafts;
  • Adopt imported servo motor and precision guide rail, which is stable, high cutting accuracy and long service life;
  • Professional control software, simple and flexible operation.

Working principle of precision laser cutting machine

Precision laser cutting machine uses high-energy pulsed laser to cut objects.

The xenon lamp is pulsed by the laser power supply to form a light wave with a certain frequency and pulse width, which is radiated on the workpiece by the condenser cavity to make local melting and vaporization to achieve cutting.

The equipment is equipped with a high-precision CNC worktable controlled by a working PC. During cutting, high-precision cutting and drilling are carried out through laser frequency, pulse width, worktable speed and moving direction.

Laser cutting processing uses the high density energy of the laser beam to focus through the lens and gather a tiny spot at the focal point.

The laser power density at the focal point is as high as 106~109 W/cm2.

Local high temperature of more than 10000°C will be generated on the material, which will vaporize the workpiece instantaneously, and then the vaporized metal will be blown away with auxiliary cutting gas to cut the workpiece into a small hole.

With the movement of the CNC machine tool, countless small holes will be connected to form the external shape to be cut.

Because the frequency of laser cutting is very high, the connection of each small hole is very smooth, and the finished product is very high.

As the beam moves to the material, the hole continuously forms a narrow slit (such as about 0.1m) to cut the material.

Precision laser cutting machine is mainly used for non-contact cutting and punching of metal plates and pipes, with a minimum cutting seam of 0.1mm, especially suitable for cutting and punching of stainless steel plates, iron plates, silicon chips, ceramic chips and other materials.

Advantages of precision laser cutting machine

All laser cutting processes have their inherent advantages and disadvantages, but it seems that the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine far exceed any other process.

Optical fiber laser has only begun to attract attention in the past few decades or so, but its benefits have been rapidly realized by metal manufacturers across the country.

We found that the fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages, and many application industries have been derived, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and manganese steel processing can not be separated from the fiber laser cutting machine.

The high-precision fiber laser cutting machine is well distinguished from other laser cutting machines, with small size, small power, small size, high precision and fast speed.

With the continuous updating and development of high-precision fiber laser cutting machine, more advantages will bring more convenience.

Let’s learn about the characteristics and advantages of small precision fiber laser cutting machine.

Small precision fiber laser cutting machine has unique advantages in metal cutting and processing, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Small precision optical fiber laser cutting machine can ensure the cutting processing of small size, and is suitable for some small metal materials, such as advertising, kitchen utensils, etc.

Comparatively speaking, the power is also lower than that of ordinary fiber laser cutting machines.

2. The cost of small precision fiber laser cutting machine is relatively low, which is very suitable for small enterprises or enterprises with small processing volume.

The small precision fiber laser cutting machine covers a relatively small area, so it is more convenient for placement and handling.

3. The precision of the small precision fiber laser cutting machine is relatively high, and the focus spot is relatively fine, the cutting accuracy can reach 0.1mm, and the cutting surface is also very smooth.

In addition, its cutting speed is also very fast, more than 100 times that of wire cutting.

4. The cost of small precision fiber laser cutting machine is relatively low.

Its price is only one-third of that of the same-energy fiber laser cutting machine, and two-fifths of that of the numerical control punch with the same effect, and the use cost is low.

In addition, the maintenance cost of small precision fiber laser cutting machine is also relatively low.

It is mainly applicable to the glasses industry, craft gifts, hardware accessories, electronics, electrical appliances and other precision metal products industries.

Complex cutting with good edge quality can be accurately completed on laser cutting equipment.

Precise laser beams can create components with precise tolerances in a fast, clean and efficient manner, with little operator intervention.

Advanced software and narrow cut make parts closely nested, so as to maximize production and reduce material waste.

Parts & functions of precision laser cutting machine

The main structure of the precision fiber laser cutting machine includes:

Fiber laser: it is the core component of the fiber laser cutting machine, and also the “power source” of the fiber laser cutting machine to realize the cutting operation.

Compared with other types of lasers, fiber lasers have the advantages of higher efficiency, longer service life, less maintenance and lower cost.

Cutting head: the cutting head of the laser cutting machine is a laser output device, which is composed of the nozzle, focusing lens and focusing tracking system.

The cutting head of the laser cutting machine will walk according to the set cutting path, but the height of the laser cutting head needs to be adjusted and controlled under different materials, different thicknesses and different cutting methods.

Servo motor: servo motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system, and is an indirect speed change device for the auxiliary motor.

The servo motor can control the speed and position accuracy very accurately, and can convert the voltage signal into torque and speed to drive the control object.

The high-quality servo motor can effectively guarantee the cutting accuracy, positioning speed and repeated positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

Water chiller: The water chiller is the cooling device of the laser cutting machine. It can cool the laser, spindle and other devices quickly and efficiently.

The current chillers have advanced functions such as input and output control equipment switch, cooling water flow, high and low-temperature alarm, and the performance is more stable.

Gas supply system: The gas supply system of the optical fiber laser cutting machine mainly includes gas source, filtering device and pipeline.

There are two kinds of gas sources: bottled gas and compressed air.

Body: The bed, beam, workbench and Z-axis system of the laser cutting machine are collectively referred to as the host.

When the laser cutting machine is cutting, first place the workpiece on the bed, and then use the servo motor to drive the beam to control the movement of the Z axis.

The user can adjust the parameters according to his own needs.

Control system: It mainly controls the machine tool to realize the movement of X, Y and Z axes, and also controls the output power of the laser.

Stabilized power supply: connected between laser, CNC machine tool and power supply system.

It mainly plays the role of preventing external power grid interference.

It is suitable for marking, cutting and punching of various metal sheets and micro-precision metals, mainly used in LED, precision machinery, semiconductor control devices and 3C parts industries.

Specifications of precision laser cutting machine

Laser wavelength1064nm
Laser power500W-1500W
Transmission modeLinear motor
Higher acceleration1.5G
Processing format600mm*600mm
Higher running speed90m/min
X/Y positioning accuracy±0.01mm
Repetitive positioning accuracy of X/Y axis±0.005mm
Operating ambient temperature-10℃~45℃
Relative humidity<90%non-condensing
Vision systemOptional
Surrounding environmentVentilation, no large vibration
Supply voltage3-phase380V±10%

Applications of precision laser cutting machine

Suitable for precision cutting of steel sheet, stainless steel, copper plate, aluminum plate and other materials.

It is applied to jewelry, glasses, lighting, kitchen and bathroom products, mobile communication, digital products, electronic components, clocks, computer accessories, instruments, precision devices, etc.

Price of precision laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is an indispensable type of equipment in the industry now. It is widely used and has high accuracy.

With it, the demand for purchase is also increasing. For equipment buyers, they may pay special attention to the price.

For example, what is the price of a 1000W small precision laser cutting machine?

There are many types of laser cutting machine products, but the quotation of laser cutting machine that can realize intelligence, automation and humanization will not be too low, and the processing flexibility is good.

It can process arbitrary graphics, and it can carry out deformation-free cutting on pipe, profile, steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, hard alloy and other materials with any hardness.

Convenient operation and maintenance, highly integrated system, convenient operation and maintenance, can meet the needs of 24-hour production.

High efficiency and environmental protection, in line with the new environmental protection regulations, the equipment is equipped with laser protective glass, which can effectively reduce the harm to human body during the equipment cutting.

The operation is pollution-free, pollution-free and noise-free, in line with the national environmental protection requirements, and has great environmental protection significance.

Laser cutting machines can be divided into several types, including tube-sheet integrated laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, small precision laser cutting machine, and all-around laser cutting machine.

The price of each type of power is also different.

Take the small precision laser cutting machine for example, the minimum power is 1000W, and equipped with Raycus laser, the price is between 110000 and 130000RMB.

If you need a laser cutting machine with special table size or power, you can also customize the product, and the price will also be different.

Safety tips for using precision laser cutting machine

Only technicians who have received Level IV laser safety training are allowed to operate and repair laser equipment!

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The four-stage laser will produce a dangerous and invisible laser beam.

When the laser is started, the laser beam emitted will cause burns to the eyes and skin of the workers, and the scattered and reflected laser beam is also dangerous.

Burn hazard

The precision laser cutting machine belongs to Class IV laser equipment. The laser is invisible to the human eye.

If it is used improperly, it will cause harm to the human body.

Even in the case of defocus or reflection, it can seriously burn the human body. Users must pay special attention!

Therefore, please pay attention to the following items:

(1) To prevent serious burns to the human body and eyes caused by laser beam radiation, please wear protective glasses provided by our company during operation.

(2) Laser radiation may cause combustion of volatile substances and combustible materials.

Do not use the laser in places with such materials.

(3) It is forbidden to look directly at the output end of the laser beam when the laser is working.

(4) The place where the laser beam is exposed shall be closed, and a certain warning board shall be pasted on or near the door.

When the laser is working, it is forbidden to enter the laser use site without the permission of professional personnel.

(5) Non-professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to open the protective cover of the laser beam path.

(6) The human eye should not be lower than the laser beam and the reflected beam to look up at the laser.

Electrical safety

The power supply voltage required by the equipment itself is single-phase AC 220V, which is the dangerous voltage specified in the general safety standards.

Proper safety protection is still required.

(1) The equipment shell shall be grounded according to the corresponding electrical safety rules and ensure good, firm and reliable grounding.

(2) Non-trained operators are forbidden to switch on and power on without permission.

(3) It is forbidden to change, pull or connect the electrical circuit without permission in the internal circuit and electrical board of the equipment.

(4) When cleaning and wiping equipment, it is forbidden to wash with water or wipe with dripping wet cloth.

Mechanical safety

The equipment has a small size mechanical movement mechanism, and untrained operators are not allowed to operate the equipment.

Please close the protective window before the automatic operation of the equipment. Do not put your hands into the operation area during the operation of the equipment.

Installation of precision laser cutting machine

Equipment installation environment requirements

[Site requirements]

The ground flatness shall be within ± 10, without strong vibration, the environment shall be dry and clean, and relatively dust-free.

The strength of the ground concrete shall be greater than C20 standard, and it shall bear more than 3 tons of heavy objects.

The distance between the four sides of the equipment and the surrounding objects should be kept at least 1 meter.

[Power supply]

A. Specification: single-phase three-wire system, AC220V, 50Hz, capacity: 4KW.

B. Quality: according to the situation, the customer shall consider self-configuring regulated power supply, and the quality of incoming voltage shall ensure that the single-phase voltage is 220V ± 10% or less.

[Grounding protection]

The rear of the equipment is equipped with a grounding terminal, which should be grounded together with the ground wire of the main incoming line, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4.

The grounding pin shall be driven near the equipment to avoid the entrance and exit of the sidewalk and building.

The grounding pin shall be deep into the moist soil below the frozen soil layer, and only the connection part shall be reserved on the ground.

Use 10mm2 wire to connect the terminal and grounding pin of the equipment.

[Requirements for equipment working environment]

Good ventilation, no dust, no corrosion, no water leakage and damp origin.

Laser, servo unit, industrial computer, etc. are the core components of the equipment to avoid the interference of electromagnetic wave and discharge equipment.

The ambient temperature should be within the range of 5~35 ℃.

Cooling water

The chiller cools the laser. The cooling circulating water must use distilled water or deionized water.

Mineral water and domestic water are prohibited. Watson’s distilled water is recommended.

The water capacity is 6L.

Refer to the user manual of laser water chiller for details.

Field installation

[Equipment unloading]

When unloading the equipment, it must be stable and free from collision, dumping, inversion and vibration.

[Equipment installation]

For equipment installation, the manufacturer’s engineer will go to install it.

The equipment shall be placed stably, the foundation shall be raised and the equipment shall be level.

The equipment is safely connected to the power grid.

The ground wire is reliably grounded, and all parts are firmly and reliably connected. The equipment is powered on and operates normally.

Operation of precision laser cutting machine

1. Operation process and preparation before processing

1. Before starting the machine, check whether all lines are connected correctly, whether there are foreign matters around the machine table and moving shaft, and ensure that the optical path and moving parts are unblocked.

2. Turn on the power supply and check whether the signal lamp operates normally and whether the emergency switch is in the ejected state.

3. Check whether the exhaust system and cooling system are connected normally and whether the water cooling system needs to be replaced.

4. Power on the laser, preheat the laser, confirm that the power light is on, check whether the control board is started normally, and adjust the corresponding value.

5. Open the laser control software and test whether the communication connection with the control board is normal.

6. Place the material to be cut on the laser equipment workbench, open the laser control software, import the vector map, place the pattern, optimize the route, set the laser speed, laser focus and other working parameters according to the material properties and thickness, simulate the processing, adjust the power, and then start the proofing test.

7. Start the proofing test, observe the processing path and processing time through the laser software or the information of the laser card manufacturer during the cutting, and judge whether the time is reasonable.

After the cutting, check the verticality, roughness, burr and slag hanging of the finished product Ruida control system.

8. Adjust the processing technology according to the situation of the sample, and continue the test after adjustment until the finished product meets the process requirements after cutting.

2. Safety precautions during precision laser cutting

1. Operators shall use and maintain precision cutting equipment as required;

2. Operators should be trained to understand the relevant knowledge and emergency treatment methods of precision laser cutting;

3. Operators should wear protective equipment such as glasses;

4. Gas cylinders shall not be placed in places exposed to sunlight or close to heat sources;

5. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to open the gas valve while standing on the front of the nozzle;

6. After the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave the post or entrust the person for custody without authorization.

If it is necessary to leave, please shut down the machine and cut off the power;

7. Fire extinguishing devices shall be equipped around the equipment;

8. It is forbidden to press heavy objects on the power line, including the power line of cutting machine, fan and water cooler;

9. Before processing high-reflective materials, confirm whether laser can be used for processing, and the operator must wear glasses during processing;

10. In case of any abnormality during processing, stop the machine immediately and remove the fault in time.

Maintenance of precision laser cutting machine

Routine maintenance and precautions include:

The machine should be placed in a well-ventilated, clean and bright place.

In order to ensure good ventilation, the distance between the machine and the wall and other obstacles shall be at least 1 meter.

After the machine is positioned, it is necessary to adjust the shockproof foot pads according to the ground conditions, so that the equipment table can contact the ground smoothly and be horizontal.

The working conditions of the machine are as follows:

Environmental conditions: working temperature: 5~35 ℃, relative humidity: 70%, power supply conditions: single-phase two-wire, 220VAC, 4KVA.

The equipment shall be installed with grounding resistance (4 ohm grounding resistance to ensure the safety of equipment use).

The processing site shall be equipped with smoking and ventilation duct equipment to remove smoke and exhaust gas generated during the work process.

Precautions for machine maintenance:

1. When the machine is working, the circuit is in a high voltage state. Non-professional personnel should not check and repair when starting the machine to avoid electric shock.

2. In case of machine failure (such as water leakage, pulling the power supply, burning the fuse, abnormal laser, etc.), immediately connect the emergency stop button and cut off the power supply.

3. Regularly check the working condition of the laser water chiller.

In case of small water flow, water leakage, and the temperature can not be reduced, please stop using the laser and repair it before using it.

4. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the internal cooling water shall be drained.

In winter, the working ambient temperature shall not be lower than 10 ℃, otherwise, it is very easy to cause laser failure.

When the working ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the internal circulating water will be drained in time.

Otherwise, it is easy to cause the water circuit to freeze and break the water pipe and the internal water circuit of the laser.

5. Maintenance of optical path system Due to the long-term use of the equipment, the use environment is relatively bad.

Dust in the air may be adsorbed on the protective lens, which may reduce the power of the laser, or cause the optical lens to absorb heat, resulting in burns or cracks.

Dust should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the laser will overheat or the lens will burn.

How to choose the right precision laser cutting machine?

Where to buy a professional precision laser cutting machine?

I’m afraid that is the concern of many of our customers engaged in precision sheet metal and sheet metal processing.

There are so many manufacturers producing precision laser cutting machines in the market. Which manufacturers can produce professional precision laser cutting machines? What should we pay attention to when we buy?

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First, look for professional precision laser cutting machine manufacturers

When purchasing precision laser cutting machines, we should pay attention to the fact that many precision laser cutting machine manufacturers cannot produce professional precision laser cutting machines.

We should be alert to these manufacturers using conventional precision laser cutting machines to fool us.

How to distinguish whether precision laser cutting machine manufacturers can produce professional precision laser cutting machines, the most direct way is to take samples to the manufacturer for sample testing.

Second, looking for manufacturers should start from product quality and function

No matter which manufacturers we can find, it is most important to pay attention to the precision laser cutting machine itself.

We can test the quality of the precision laser cutting machine from several aspects:

  • The thickness of the machine tool can reflect the bearing capacity of the precision laser cutting machine;
  • The internal structure of the precision laser cutting machine can reflect the use performance and function as well as the stability of the frame;
  • The spraying process of the surface can reflect the manufacturing process;
  • The operating system can reflect the convenience of dense shelves.
  • From these aspects, we can know whether the products produced by the precision laser cutting machine manufacturers are suitable for our use.

Third, the conventional precision laser cutting machine can not meet the needs and may have to be customized!

Sometimes, if the professional precision laser cutting machines produced by manufacturers can not meet our needs, we should consider customization.

Not all precision laser cutting machines are the same, and the products required are naturally different.

This is why many manufacturers provide customized services for precision laser cutting machines. If we want manufacturers to provide customized precision laser cutting machines, we must communicate the details with the manufacturers. 

Some structural requirements of precision laser cutting machine should be clearly expressed to avoid invalid communication.

High-precision fiber laser cutting machine applicable industries:

It is widely used in various manufacturing and processing industries, such as sheet metal processing, aluminum substrate processing, advertising sign word manufacturing, high and low voltage electrical cabinet manufacturing, mechanical parts, kitchenware, automobiles, mechanical equipment, elevators, metal handicrafts, saw blades, household appliances, glasses industry, spring blades, medical microelectronics, hardware, knives and measuring tools, craft gifts, decoration, advertising metal processing, and other industries.

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