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Anti rust treatment of press brake dies

If the mold rusts, it is really “unbearable” for the manufacturer.

Let’s talk about how to effectively prevent the mold from rusting, mainly from avoiding placing the mold in a humid environment, using rust prevention after cooling, and using long-term rust inhibitor.

Rust prevention precautions 1: avoid placing the mold on the wet ring.

As the ancients said, every drop of water wears away the stone.

The mold is the same.

If it is placed in a wet place for a long time, no matter how good the antirust agent is, it will eventually lead to mold rust.

Therefore, when we unload the mold from the machine, we must pay attention to the storage environment.

It’s best to choose a dry and ventilated mold rack, so you don’t have to worry about the rust of the mold after long-term storage.

Rust prevention precautions 2: rust prevention can be used only after cooling.

If the rust agent is sprayed before the mold is cooled down, the mold will rust in a few days.

The reason is that before the mold is warmed back, it will absorb the water in the antirust agent and produce signs of rust.

The best way is to wait for the mold to cool naturally, and then use the mold rust inhibitor after cooling.

Rust prevention precautions 3: long term rust prevention.

At present, there are many antirust agents, antirust oil and antirust powder on the market.

However, the long-term antirust agent is a professional mold antirust agent. The general antirust cycle is one to three years.

It can effectively ensure the mold safety of the factory and reduce unnecessary losses.

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